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Are Bean Bags a Good Choice for Work from Home?

Are Bean Bags a Good Choice for Work from Home?
Aug 06, 2023

When you think of home working, thoughts typically turn to a desk and chair set up. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a dedicated office space with a wheelie chair you can spin on when you start feeling bored. If you’re less lucky, you’ll be parked at the kitchen table, with a hard, ladder-back chair for company. But where you probably won’t be sitting is on a soft, comfy bean bag.  The question we want to ask is, why not?

There are a whole range of reasons why bean bag chairs can make an excellent choice for home workers. And in this blog, we’re going to tell you why.

Why Can Bean Bag Chairs be a Good Choice for Home Working?

They are incredibly supportive

Ultra lux gaming bean bag

One of the biggest problems with desk working is back pain. A 2021 study published in Health Promotion Perspectives found that prolonged sitting increased the risk of developing lower back pain by 42%. And the reason for this is because most chairs don’t support proper posture. Even the best of us slouch in chairs that don’t fully support the back. We lean forward or curl our spine. We become engrossed in our work and forget to sit properly. This can lead to muscle strain, and worse. In bean bag chairs, the back – and the rest of the body – remains fully supported, regardless of the position you are sitting in. Because the beans are able to mould themselves to your shape. Meaning that your back always receives the support it needs.

Bean bags are really comfy

High back bean bag chair

Comfort is important if you want to concentrate. If you are uncomfortable, you fidget. You are easily distracted. Taking any opportunity to get up and leave your seat. When you are comfortable, you can focus on the task in hand. With a high back bean chair, you can relax into your work. Your arms free to comfortably use your keyboard. And your brain free to focus.

You can work almost anywhere

weather proof bean bag chair

Bean bags are great for freedom. Light weight and easy to move, bean bags can be repositioned to suit your needs. In the winter, you can cut back on electricity and snuggle down in the warmest room. In summer, with the right weather-proof bean bag, you could even work outside. If the part of the house you usually work in is noisy (like the kitchen during the school holidays), you can just move somewhere quieter. And with bean bag chair, it takes zero effort.

Bean bags are versatile

gaming bean bag

Gaming bean bags are popular for home working. They provide back support without restricting the arms. But they’re good for other things too. Whether it’s extra seating for guests. A comfy reading chair for the rare times you get to simply chill. They’re great for movie nights. And for games. While most office chairs simply stay in the office.

They give you somewhere to unwind

teardrop bean bag chair

We all have those days where work can just feel too much. Where we need five minutes to just shut down. Whether to meditate, practice mindfulness, or simply to scroll through our phones. A teardrop bean bag chair provides that space. Even when you’re working in it. Just put your laptop down. Lean back and enjoy the support. And let yourself have a little bit of freedom to enjoy just being.

If you always work from home, a bean bag chair probably won’t replace your desk. There will always be times when you need to look professional for Zoom calls, or to have extra space to organise your paperwork. But if you have the space, you may want to introduce one to give yourself another option. And if you’re an occasional homeworker, a bean bag chair can provide a really good solution that doesn’t take up an entire room.

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