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Staying in? It's the new going out.

But if you’re gonna lounge like a legend you need to bag some seriously comfy beans. Lounge Pug lives to make your lazy days and snugly moments as relaxing as possible. We exist to help you unwind.

Whether you’ve had a mad Monday, stressful morning, busy week or crazy night, if you’re seeking some serious chill-time, we’ve got something for you to sink into.

From bean bags to throws, from footstools to cushions… you’ve not experienced true relaxation until you’ve had a hug from a pug.

What's the word on the street?

Four of our Guinea pigs unpacked their new Lounge Pug Bean Bags. Time to put them to the test with some drinks, a movie or maybe a spot of fishing!

What do you think, do they look comfy?

We’re the experts in lounging.

From the compact and cosy to the sublimely sumptuous. There’s something for everyone to sink into. We’re the place you unwind, we’re the place you get cosy, chill, or sunbath. We’re the brand you love to lounge with. We’re the ultimate relaxation brand.


Units sold around the world.


Loved by the world.


Beans designed for THAT feeling.

Over 40

Colours to choose from.

We're the only bean bag with the Supreme Bean

Mastering the art of chilling is easier said than done. Years of research, expertise and tech go into every Lounge Pug bean bag for more comfort, a better quality experience and a seriously longer lasting bean bag.

Could this be the bean that rules them all? We like to believe so, why? Because our beans are twice the density of our key competitors and density is the number one factor in the stability of polystyrene beads.

Why does density affect quality?

Polystyrene starts out life as tiny glass like pellets. Each pellet is a fraction of an inch in size. Each of our bean bags starts out with 1000s of these pellets. The pellets are placed into an expansion chamber and steam is added, similar to popcorn, the steam causes the pellets to expand. After a few minutes the pellets are fully expanded and then the beads are passed over a drying bed to remove the moisture before packing. They may expand up to 80x the size they start at and this is where the density factor comes in. The smaller the expansion number, the higher the density of material.

The above process is fairly consistent across the polystyrene industry, so what makes SupremeX an awesome quality filling? Well here goes some inside knowledge, like the food industry is known to pump water into meat to increase its profits, most if not all of our competitors are pumping in extra air to increase their profits.

So how do they achieve this if the beans are all expanded in the same way? Well the above process may be repeated multiple times with the same filling, in other words dry the expanded filling and then return it back to the expander, add more steam and voila, the beads grow again. Each time this happens the beads grow bigger and also a lot weaker, the strength degrades not just down to less material but also due to the process of forcing additional expansion.

Having reviewed the market, we have found that the most popular expansion is a massive 3x. This means the manufacturer has expanded and dried the same filling on 3 occasions. Resulting in a low density, low quality polystyrene in the bean bag. Filling that is severely weakened and ready to compress or fall apart with barely any pressure.

This is great for the supplier because not just do they save on the cost of material but you are left buying more fillings from them almost immediately. For you as the customer this is no good at all.

Whilst we cannot promise our SupremeX beans will go on forever, they won’t, we have chosen the quality first approach to ensure you have the best quality available in the market.

Trust us, it's fun!

The Lounge Pug Legend

The Lounge Pug Legend Our Story
... so far.

Born from one man and his dog’s desire to share their love of lounging with the world. Lounge Pug is on a mission to enhance the way everyone kicks back to relax.

Though today we supply an extensive range of cosy clobber to thousands of lounge legends across the globe, the Lounge Pug tale has humble origins.

On a gloomy Mancunian morning in 2011, Jonathan, dog in tow, was driving to his dad’s linen business in Whitefield. Whilst wishing he was still cuddled up warm at home, the drizzly conditions and the snugly nature of his favourite four-legged friend sparked a wild idea. He imagined what it would be like to sink into a spectacular oversized seat, one so cosy he could lounge around for hours, one so cosy it felt like a hug from a pug.

Just like that Lounge Pug was born.

Tapping into their expertise in the linen trade, Jonathan, his dad and his brother set their minds to creating the ultimate range of relaxation products. Soon, demand for our original beanbag chairs shot though the roof, but things didn’t stop there. Since then we’ve crafted mega mammoth sofas, luxury loungers, gaming chairs, footstools and throws to name but a few.

We’ve come a long way from that early spark on a morning commute. These days, we’re leading the line when it comes to all things cuddly and comforting. Put simply, if you’re ready for next level lounging, Lounge Pug is the only name you need to remember.