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How to Create the Ultimate Chill Out Zone

How to Create the Ultimate Chill Out Zone
Jun 06, 2023

Modern life is busy. There’s always just so much going on. So, having a space to relax in is becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom, your conservatory, a screened off part of the garden, or a spare room. But how can you optimise that chill-out factor?

Six Tips for Creating the Ultimate Chill Out Zone

Clear the clutter

Mess and clutter are not conducive to a relaxed mind. So, if you want to make a space where you can just switch off and unwind, remove anything you don’t need. Chuck out any junk. Hide away the things you need to keep in some clever storage. And display the things you need to keep out nicely.

The same principle applies to the garden.

Keep it simple

If you’re using an indoor space, think about your decorating carefully. Don’t overload your senses with masses of pictures or object d’art. Select a calming colour for the walls and stick to it. Forget about colour pops, go for neutrals and gentle contrasts throughout.

For an outdoor space, keep things as natural as possible. Use screening – trellis, pots of bamboo or tall shrubs, a green wall – to create privacy. Paint your fences, and bring light to the space with a garden mirror.

Think carefully about your furniture

Mega Mammoth bean bag

A chill out zone demands a really good, comfortable seat. And seating doesn’t get more comfy than bean bag furniture. Supportive, snuggly, and designed for sprawling, bean bag seats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And they can’t be beaten when it comes to relaxation. If you have the space, a Mega Mammoth bean bag provides the ultimate slumping, slouching, sprawling solution. For smaller spaces, a high back bean bag chair makes an awesome choice.

And if you’re creating a personal garden getaway, you have a whole range of outdoor bean bags to choose from.  

Consider your lighting

Lighting has a massive influence on the ambience of any space. And if you can, it’s a really good idea to integrate as much natural light as you can. At night, avoid ceiling lights. Choose carefully placed lamps and uplighters. The aim is to create gentle pools of light, rather than full-room intensity.

Outside, make the most of candles, fairy lights, and possibly a fire pit. Solar lamps can look pretty at night. Or if you’re near to the house, your local lighting store will have a full range of patio lighting.

Make it cosy

Cosy doesn’t have to mean cluttered. But it always means comfort. So, select a plush rug for the floor near where you intend to sit. Invest in some cushions. Get yourself a throw or two for the winter, or cooler summer days. And don’t forget a footstool for when you really want to relax.  

And you can bring all of these things to the garden. Outdoor rugs can bring a real sense of gentle opulence to a garden space. Outdoor cushions and footstools won’t be ruined by rain or damp or mould, and they’re easily cleaned. While a throw can just be put in the washing machine if you ever forget to take it in.

Bring in nature

house plants

Plants have been shown to lower human stress levels. Being around nature helps to combat anxiety and improve mental health. So, if you’re looking to create a true chill out zone, think about incorporating some low maintenance house plants.

In an outdoor chill out zone, the natural world is already there, just waiting for you to invite it in. So, while you’ve got your garden, patio or balcony, and you can select the pot plants of your choice. You could add to the enjoyment with a nearby bird feeder, the tinkling sounds of a water feature, and maybe a bug hotel.

Taking time for you is one of the easiest ways to prevent stress. Having a dedicated space to do it in, where you can curl up with a book, listen to music, or meditate, without having to tidy up first, can be really beneficial to that process.

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