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Choosing the Perfect Cushions for Every Room

Choosing the Perfect Cushions for Every Room
Jan 22, 2024

Comfortable and appealing, cushions can make a space look cosy and inviting. But having too many, or the wrong type can also be impractical and inconvenient. So, before you start filling your virtual basket, it’s worth taking the time to read our guide on how to choose the perfect cushions for every room. 

Choosing the Right one for Each Room of Your Home

Consider your space


Every room is different, so there are no hard and fast rules for choosing cushions. The one’s that would suit your sitting room will be very different to those you need in your bedroom. And when it comes to your armchair’s they may not suit your conservatory or window seat. So, think about the requirements of your space. As a general rule, a four-seater sofa and a double bed, can take two large cushions and two small. An armchair can take one. And larger beds can take up to eight, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.


Think about your colours

Choosing the right colour can be tricky. Unless you have very plain furniture – all white, black, grey, or beige – coordinating fabric colours can be a minefield. So, that’s where using a colour wheel can come in. You can either select colours that compliment your base colour – so for blue, you might look at pink or purple. Or you might select a contrasting shade, in which case orange and yellow are blue’s colour wheel opposite. If you have a plain sofa, then patterned cushions can make an appealing feature.


Consider different types and shapes

Where you have room for multiple cushions, selecting a single size can be pretty boring. For visual impact, it’s a much better idea to select a range of sizes and shapes. It can also add to your comfort. So, as well as the traditional large or square types, why not select a bolster cushion, a rectangle, or a circular design? You could even add texture with a knot design to make things more visually appealing.


Think about fabrics

Fabric choice is really important when it comes to covers. Fabric not only influences how you use your cushions, but how durable they are. For example, a velvet fabric may be more comfortable to rest your head on. But leather is both wipe clean and machine washable. And if you have kids, outdoor cushions provide something of a bomb-proof solution! You can use them anywhere – who cares if they end up being dragged outside to make a garden fort?! You know they’ll survive the ordeal! They are resistant to spills. And they are easily cleaned. Having an array of different fabrics can also add but visual and textural interest, making a seat or a bed more inviting.


Don’t forget floor cushions

Floor cushions can be an absolute game-changer… literally, if you play a lot of board games! While they’re often viewed as seating for kids who prefer the floor, they’re really versatile. You can use them for family game nights, movies nights, or mobile seating when you want to follow the sun. place a couple together, and you’ve got an impromptu day bed. Or combine them with an upcycled pallet to make a low-budget, high-comfort chair!

When it comes to interior décor, cushions are the kingmakers! They add decorative flair, interest, colour, and comfort. But you have to choose them wisely. And make sure that you make the right choice for every room.

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