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Could You Really Replace Your Couch with a Bean Bag Sofa?

Could You Really Replace Your Couch with a Bean Bag Sofa?
Oct 02, 2023

If you’ve never tried one, it may be hard to consider a bean bag sofa as a serious contender for a couch replacement. Because everyone remembers what bean bags were like when they were kids. Hugely comfortable, sure. But trying to get up off one with your dignity intact when you’ve got the back, knees, and assorted joint problems of an adult? Massively unappealing! Not to mention the traditional bean bag’s propensity to slide out from underneath you if you use it for any period of time. But the thing is, bean bag sofas are nothing like the bean bags you knew and loved as a child. In fact, you could say that they are a thoroughly grown-up alternative.

Why You Might Consider Replacing Your Couch with a Bean Bag Sofa

Bean bag sofas are a growing trend. They’re appearing in more shops and more lifestyle features. But why have bean bag sofas become a thing? And what do you need to know about them?

What is a bean bag sofa?

Bubble bean bag sofa

As the name implies, a bean bag sofa is a bean bag that has been shaped to resemble a sofa. They can come in a range of sizes – one, two, three-seater, or more. And they are available in a range of shapes, from the more traditional, like the Bubble sofa to double day beds and large circular sofa pads.

How do bean bag sofas differ to traditional bean bags?


Josephine bean bag sofa

Perhaps the most important and obvious difference between a traditional bean bag and a bean bag sofa like the Josaphine, is that the bean bag sofa will hold its shape. The filling will, of course, still mould around your body to provide the most supportive and comfortable seating experience. But because of the ways that the cover has been crafted, no matter how much you wriggle around, this type of bean bag sofa will never spill you on to the floor. And when you get up, it will retain its inviting sofa shape.


Mega Mammoth bean bag sofa

When bean bags first became popular, they weren’t really designed to last. The material wasn’t particularly strong, and the seams were easily split. Which would mean that it wasn’t uncommon to find your floor awash with polystyrene balls. Bean bag sofas are made of sturdier stuff. Available in a range of materials, from leather to chord, they are intended to last as long as any other sofa type.


Albert bean bag sofa

As much as we love the traditional bean bag style, we can’t help but acknowledge that they look kind of scruffy. That could never be said of a bean back sofa like the Albert. Because they hold their shape, bean bag sofas don’t look like an apology for a seating solution. They look inviting and cosy. And if properly styled, they can look as smart as any other furniture type.

What are benefits of a bean bag sofa?

Hammock bean bag sofa

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider a bean bag sofa next time you need to replace your couch.


Because the fillings of bean bag sofas move around, they mould to your body to deliver optimum physical support. This avoids muscle and joint strain, and ensures maximum comfort.


The price you pay for a bean bag sofa will depend on a lot of factors – style, size, material. But more often than not, bean bag sofas are a lot less expensive than a conventional couch.  


Bean bag furniture is really lightweight, which means that moving it – whether for vacuuming or moving house – is considerably easier than moving a standard couch.


Because bean bag sofas are available in such a wide range of materials, you can find a style that perfectly suits your aesthetic. Whether that’s faux fur, or Sesame Street for the kid’s room.


Bean bag sofas come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So, while you can choose a more traditional design to accommodate the whole family, you can also choose a bean bag sofa designed for one or two. If the Mega Mammoth is perfect for couples, the Sofa Hammock is the ultimate chill out station for one – but they can both be converted into multi-seaters will a little bit of reshaping.

Bean bag sofas are becoming increasingly popular because they solve a number of common furniture problems. So, could you really replace your couch with a bean bag sofa? Yes, you certainly could!

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