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Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis with Footstools

Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis with Footstools
Jan 12, 2024

If used well, your garden can be one of your greatest assets. It’s a place to relax, entertain, and commune with nature. Which is important, because spending time in the garden has been proven to be good for your mental health. But still, many of us fail to take advantage of the incredible resource we have available to us. And that’s because we don’t always know how to use the space properly. Creating an appealing seating area is a really good place to start. And with bean bag footstools, you have the option to either work on a budget or up the relaxation ante.

How to Use Bean Bag Footstools to Create a Garden Oasis

As seating

The very best thing about footstools – indoor or out – is that they are multifunctional. So, when you purchase a large outdoor footstool, you don’t just get somewhere to rest your feet. You get additional seating. If space is at a premium, an outdoor bean bag foot stool can take the place of a bench. But unlike a bench, it’s comfy to sit on and supremely moveable. So, you can sit where you want, following the morning sun or sheltering in the afternoon shade. You can even pick it up and sling it in the shed if you need extra space. With three or four footstools, you can welcome guests. With one or two, you can chill with your immediate family, or lay them out end to end as a place to sprawl in the sun.


As accessories

So, we’ve already discussed footstools as seating, but they also make great garden tables. When you choose a piece like the Outdoor Large Square Pouffe, all you need is a tray or two to turn it into a functional table. Perfect for coffee, nibbles, or even a picnic, footstools provide a firm, flat surface for you to use as you wish. Pop over a plastic cover, and you could even use it as a potting bench! But unlike most garden tables, they are incredibly light weight, so they have the added benefit that you can easily move them to the most convenient place for any particular occasion.


As the ultimate footrest

OK, so it’s no surprise that you can use these bad boys as a footrest – the clue is in the name. But footstools are often overlooked in garden settings. You might invest in a recliner, but they’re kind of bulky and not overly practical unless you are a dedicated sunbather. So, if space is even slightly limited, a sofa or bistro set will always be the more practical option. But when you add in an accessory, like the SoleiStorm™ Ultra 2000 h+ Outdoor Small Footstool, you can kick back and relax whenever you please. And yet, it’s easy enough to put out of the way – even to hide it under the table – when it’s not in use.


As a colour pop

While you’re unlikely to purchase an outdoor footstool purely for aesthetic reasons, it’s worth keeping in mind that they can also be a good decorative choice. Garden furniture is often quite boring to look at. Unless you go for some outdoor beanbag chairs, which are available in a veritable rainbow of colours, you’ll typically be looking at grey, white, black, or plain wood designs.


A couple of bean bag footstools can bring that splash of colour that every garden needs – especially in the winter months. Choose from red, pink, purple, blue, and green, as well as the more sedate tones, to create the aesthetic that makes your heart sing.

Outdoor footstools are a perfect marvel. They’re flexible, versatile, functional, and comfortable, and they invite you into the garden. Providing seating and support, they can be a real asset for any garden. But because they are so cost effective, they can also make a big impact without blowing your budget. Check out the full range of outdoor bean bag footstools available from Big Bertha.

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