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Five Reasons to Gift Someone a Bean Bag This Christmas

Five Reasons to Gift Someone a Bean Bag This Christmas
Dec 05, 2022

OK, we’ve delayed as long as we could, but… It’s time to talk about CHRISTMAS! We love this time of year, when things are getting cosy. If the decorations aren’t out yet, they will be soon. And home somehow becomes more appealing. But there’s also the question of what to buy. Finding the right gift can be impossible sometimes. But that’s where the not-so-humble bean bag comes in! These are our top reasons for gifting someone you love a bean bag this Christmas.

Why a Bean Bag Makes a Great Christmas Gift

They’re soooo comfy!

Children's bean bag armchair

Whether you’re splashing out on a Mammoth bean bag for your significant other, or a bean bag armchair for the youngest member of the family, there is one thing you can be sure of: It will be the most comfortable piece of furniture they will ever own. With its warm, mouldable support, no other seat can compare to a bean bag. It’s the ultimate gift of comfort.

Bean bag furniture is versatile

Highback bean bag chair

Bean bags are most commonly associated with relaxation. But with contemporary designs, like the high back bean bag chair, you have a piece of furniture that is ideal for both work and play. The supported, armless form is perfect for gaming, reading, or using a laptop. As well as that afterwork splurge. So, if you’re looking for a gift for a gamer, or a versatile accessory for a home worker, you can’t go far wrong.

They can go almost anywhere

XXL outdoor bean bag

If you choose well, bean bag furniture can be used indoors or out, year-round. An XXL original outdoor bean bag, for example offers the greatest outdoor summer lounging experience. It’s good for the poolside, beach, or garden. Withstanding the elements with aplomb. But in the winter months it works just as well indoors. It’s the perfect conservatory accessory. It can be pulled out for unexpected guest seating. And if you want to lie back and watch the winter stars with a glass of wine, you won’t find anything more comfortable. Just be careful to keep it away from your firepit.

Bean bags are convenient and moveable

Lounger bean bag

If you’re Christmas shopping for a student, then the onus needs to be on moveability. While it’s nice to have your own furniture to add a personal touch to your digs, you need stuff that doesn’t take a team of removalist to shift at the end of term. Lounger bean bags look good, feel amazing, provide a great place to study or relax, and can be slung over the shoulder ready to be squeezed into the back of a car. And at home, bean bags can easily be moved to wherever they’re needed. So, you get convenience and comfort in one!

They look amazing

Cuddle up bean bag chair

Bean bag furniture doesn’t just feel good, it looks good too. And whether you opt for a Cuddle Up bean bag chair for one, or splash out on a sofa for the whole family to share, bean bag furniture can make a real style statement. Making a feel-good gift that will last for years.

Bean bag furniture is versatile, long-lasting, and the first and last word on comfort. So, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that really wows, well, you know what to do!

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