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Five Red Bean Bags to Bring a Pop of Wow to Your Décor

Five Red Bean Bags to Bring a Pop of Wow to Your Décor
Jul 01, 2022

Red has a reputation for being a difficult colour to work with. A little bit goes a long way, too much can easily dominate a room. But whether you’re creating a kid’s room, or brightening a dingy office, red can make a real impact. Particularly if you choose the right piece of furniture. And adding red bean bag furniture can be a wonderful way to bring any room to life.

Five Red Bean Bags to Bring a Colour Pop to Your Home

SmartCanvas™ Highback Bean Bag Chair

Red highback bean bag chair

If you’re looking for a seating solution to glow up a home office or gaming room, the SmartCanvas™ highback bean bag chair in red makes an excellent choice. The backrest provides the support you need to work without straining your muscles. While the low sides allow you complete freedom of movement to tap away on your laptop when taking a break from your desk. Or to manage that control pad with finesse.

SmartCanvas™ Children's Cocoon Style Bean Bag

Read Children's Cocoon Style Bean Bag

Whether it’s used for snuggly story times, play time, or time out, every child’s room needs a comfy seat. And they don’t come much more comfy than the SmartCanvas™ cocoon-style bean bag for kids. If you wanted to represent a hug in seat form, it would look something like this bean bag! Perfectly proportioned for little ones aged three to eight, it provides the support children need to relax. And in red, it looks wonderful too. After all, primary colours and kids go hand-in-hand.

SmartCanvas™ Folding Sun Lounger Bean Bag Chair

Red Folding Sun Lounger Bean Bag Chair

Folding Sun Lounger Bean Bag Chair

Garden space comes at a premium these days, and a sun lounger isn’t always a priority. But oh, there are days like the ones we’ve experienced this June when the chance to lie back in the sun is to be treasured. The SmartCanvas™ folding sun lounger bean bag chair provides the ultimate solution. When folded, it will tuck neatly into any conservatory. But when the sun comes out, you will look majestic, reclined on this vibrant red longer.

SmartCanvas™ Bean Bag Armchair

Red Bean Bag Armchair

Perfect for snugs and living rooms alike, the SmartCanvas™ bean bag armchair has a relatively small footprint of just 75cm. But it’s as useful as your average armchair and a whole lot more inviting. With its ergonomic low-cut arms, and an optional footstool available, this is a chair for chilling out. And thanks to its red SmartCanvas™ exterior, it is easy to clean and can even be used in the garden on sunny days and snuggly nights.

SmartCanvas™ XXL Giant Bean Bag

XXL Giant Red Bean Bag

The SmartCanvas™ XXL giant bean bag is our go-to go-anywhere solution. Need an extra seat for movie night? Grab the big red bean bag. Not enough seats for unexpected guests? Get the big red bean bag. Need an extra sun lounger? Looking for garden party seating? Need a seat the kids (over 3s only) can share? Simply want to chill? Grab. The. Big. Red. Bean. Bag. With at least five possible seating positions (let us know if you find more!), this ultra-comfortable beast of a bean bag is there for whenever you need it.

You might not want to go overboard when using red in your décor. But red bean bags are a great way to introduce a pop of colour to any home. As comfy as they are attractive, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

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