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Five Uses for Outdoor Bean Bags

Five Uses for Outdoor Bean Bags
Apr 19, 2023

Outdoor bean bag chairs are among our most popular products. They’re the ultimate indoor-outdoor piece of furniture. Comfy, convenient, and easy to move. As ideal on the patio as they are in the conservatory. Durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. And depending on the design, they can be versatile too, providing seating and sun lounging in one perfect package. But what many people don’t realise is that there is more to outdoor bean bags than simple garden seating. They have their uses in a whole range of places.

Five Perfect Places to Use an Outdoor Bean Bag


Outdoor bean bag sun lounger

Camping is rarely comfortable. Sure, it’s fun, it’s an adventure, and it can be a cost-effective way to ‘getaway from it all’. But, when it comes to comfort, it scores fairly low. A sun lounger bean bag could change that! At 185cm, it can accommodate all but the very tallest of people. And when you’re not using it to sleep on, you can pull it outside the tent to use while you catch some rays. While an outdoor pouf bean bag could work well for campfire seating.  

The beach

Outdoor gaming bean bag chair

Sitting at the beach can be supremely uncomfortable. You either hunch forward holding your knees, balance precariously on an awkward-to-carry sun chair, or settle for an ungainly sprawl. A SmartCanvas braced bean bag or gaming lounger can provide the support you need to recline in style. Incredibly comfortable, you can shift them to the shape you require, giving yourself back support without necessarily having to be horizontal. They are really easy to carry. And as an extra bonus, your sun creamed skin will not stick unpleasantly to the canvas!


Outdoor bean bag armchair

Summer is the season of festivals. But they’re not known for their seating! And while you’re young, free, and moshing, that’s not necessarily a problem. But if you’re attending a festival when you’re beyond your twenties or have kids in tow, there are times that you need a little bit more comfort. Lightweight and portable, an outdoor bean bag armchair (child-sized versions are also available) provides the perfect solution.

The park

Outdoor XXL bean bag

If you’re heading out for a picnic, an outdoor bean bag like the SmartCanvas XXL, can be a seating saviour. Big enough to comfortably accommodate an adult and/or a couple of kids, these bean bags can make eating outdoors a far more enjoyable experience for everyone. And provide the perfect place for post-prandial relaxation.  


Outdoor bean bag sofa

Stargazing can be amazing at any time of year. But if you enjoy watching the universe roll by – with or without a telescope – you need to have the right seating. Bean bags are designed to mould to your body, so they always provide the support you need. A bean bag armchair could be just the job for would-be astronomers. While if you’re more interested in a romantic nocturnal snuggle over a glass of wine, a cosy outdoor bean bag sofa might be right up your street.

Outdoor bean bags work wonderfully in gardens. They provide seating for barbeques, garden parties, and solitary contemplation. They’re great for kids to crash and bash and flop down into. And they can double up as additional indoor seating when unexpected guests arrive. But they have so much more to offer than simple garden living. And if you choose well, your outdoor bean bag could become your go-to on-the-go accessory.

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