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Get Set for Some Winter Snuggles

Get Set for Some Winter Snuggles
Nov 10, 2022

Now the clocks have gone back, and the nights are drawing in, it’s really beginning to feel like winter is here again. But with the energy crisis and the prediction of national power cuts, few of us will be able to simply whack up the heating when the frost starts to creep. However, with a few sensible additions to your furnishings, it shouldn’t be too hard to beat the cold.

Five Furnishing Choices to Help You Beat the Cold This Winter

Buy some bean bag furniture

Cuddle Up Bean Bag Chair

High Back Bean Bag Chair

Like all other materials, bean bag furniture absorbs body heat. But the difference between an standard armchair and a Cuddle Up bean bag chair or a High Back bean bag chair is that with bean bag furniture, you can really snuggle down into it. As the beans mould around your body, you can achieve maximum contact. And as your body heats the beans, that heat will be reflected back to you, creating a wonderfully warming heat cycle.

Think about fabrics

Faux Fur Mega Mammoth Bean Bag

The reason most people opt for fluffy fabrics in winter is because fluffy things trap heat. So, choosing textiles that have a higher nap can be a great way to fend off the cold. But you don’t just need to limit yourself to fluffy blankets. If you’re going to invest in a new bean bag, select a faux fur finish to maximise that snuggling potential.

Invest in some heavy throws


OK, so it doesn’t take a genius to pull on a blanket if you’re feeling the cold. But you might be surprised by just how effective a heavy throw blanket can be. If you opt for a soft and fluffy lined blanket, you are again benefitting from the double whammy of an extra layer and trapped heat. And if you have bare boards instead of carpet, a couple of rugs can be a great investment. Houses can lose up to 20% of their heat through the floor. Rugs can make a really big difference.

Wear your warmth

Big Bertha oversized hoodie

Not everyone likes blankets. And that can often be because of their tendency to slip and tangle. But that can’t happen if you’re wearing it! Oversized hoodies are BIG business right now. Pretty much a blanket in zip-up sweatshirt form, they are the warmest thing you will ever wear. And if you pair it up with super-soft slippers, you’ll be snug as a bug in no time.

Don’t forget your cuddle cushions

Big Bertha cuddle cushion

Last but not least, try amping up the cosiness with some cuddle cushions. Whether there’s a draft down your neck, or you’re simply seeking peak level snuggliness, a cuddle cushion is a great way to bring comfort and warmth to any seat. But especially to bean bag chairs. They are mouldable, wrappable, and downright cuddlable. And they will help you feel warmer in moments.

No one is really looking forward to this winter. But if you plan ahead and prepare, you can beat the cold with some savvy shopping.

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