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Why You Need a Grey Bean Bag This Summer

Why You Need a Grey Bean Bag This Summer
Apr 26, 2022

Grey is, without question, the colour of the moment. We saw it sneaking its way into couture back in 2014. But it has taken its time moving into the interiors market. Now, whether it’s paint, fixtures, or soft furnishings, grey is de rigueur. And it also makes the perfect choice for garden furniture. So, if you’re currently looking into ways to make your garden more comfortable for the warmer weather, here’s why we think you need to consider adding a grey bean bag to your wish list!

Why Grey Bean Bags Make Great Additions to Your Garden

1. The comfort factor

Grey bean bag

Bean bags are supremely comfortable. They just are. There are many reasons for this. But if you want your garden to be a truly relaxing space, then you need at least one bean bag. And the neutrality of grey makes it a deeply soothing and relaxing colour. Especially on a bright, sunny day.

2. Grey won’t clash

Grey bean bag sun lounger

When selecting outdoor bean bags, there’s a real temptation to go for the bold and bright colours. Bringing a splash of fun. But while that can work in a poolside scenario or within a paved courtyard, where something like the SmartCanvas™ Folding Sun Lounger Bean Bag Chair can work in almost any shade. If you’re positioning your bean bags by your planting, the brighter colours are going to clash. Detracting from the beauty of your garden, and the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

3. Grey bean bags don’t show as much dirt

Grey bean bag sofa

OK, so there will be few of us who look forward to the prospect of lying in a dirty bean bag. But most outdoor bean bags have been designed to be easily cleaned. The difficulty can sometimes be staining. Because, let’s face it, your garden is a naturally dirty environment. It contains mud! And if you have kids or pets, there’s every chance that they will get their darling filthy toes all over whatever garden furniture you opt for. Grey can be really good at hiding a multitude of stains.  

4. Bean bags are easy to move

Grey bean bag chair and stool

Discounting the cheap plastic affairs, outdoor seating can be difficult to manoeuvre. Especially on textured paving. And some seating is only suited to harder surfaces – unless you want leg holes gouged into your lawn. Bean bags are lightweight by their very nature. So, when the sun changes position, or you fancy a bit of shade, a bean bag like the SmartCanvas™ Highback Chair is light enough to easily reposition.

5. Versatility

Grey bean bag chaise

If you have a conservatory or covered patio area, then there’s every chance that you’ll want furniture that can be used indoors or out. Pieces that can comfortably overwinter away from the rain but spend the summer out in the sunshine. Like the SoleiStorm™ bean bag sofa. With the more neutral grey tones, you have that flexibility to move indoors or out without destroying your colour scheme.

Grey bean bags can be a wonderful choice for anywhere in the home. You can use them for extra seating in the living room, snug, or children’s room. They make great beds. And if you choose well, you can work from them. But it’s in the garden that they really have the edge. Bringing comfort and style, adding to your environment without outshining your little piece of paradise.

Check out the full range of Big Bertha Original grey and neutral bean bags, or view our outdoor collection for more inspiration.