Hot Interior Trends to Watch in Winter 2022-2023– Big Bertha Original UK
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Hot Interior Trends to Watch in Winter 2022-2023

Hot Interior Trends to Watch in Winter 2022-2023
Dec 13, 2022

Having a comfortable home can make an enormous difference to your sense of wellbeing. You need a warm, welcoming space to kick back and relax in. And this winter, it is comfort that is driving the season’s styles. So, what are the interiors trends to look out for as we move towards 2023?

Five Top Interiors Trends for Winter 2022-2023

Curvy shapes

classic bean bag chair

Whether it’s dome-shaped lighting, wavy striped wallpaper, or rounded furnishings (like the classic bean bag chair), 2023 is all about the curves. Why? Because curves are so much more relaxing than straight, ordered lines. They bring a softness to a space, which is calming and appealing. Just perfect for those winter snuggles.

Throws, throws, and more throws

Blush throw

This is something of a practical trend that has sprung up in response to the energy crisis. But if you want your home to be warm and appealing without facing bankruptcy over your electricity bill, then it makes sense to pile on the blankets and throws. Put one on the bed. Drape them over the backs of chairs and sofas. Keep them in a blanket box. Whatever you do with them, throws are big this season.

Multipurpose pieces

Indoor outdoor rug

It’s no secret that money is tight for almost everyone this year. So, when investing in new homewares, people are looking for things that do more. Indoor-outdoor rugs, for example, can be perfect for warming up the conservatory or hallway in winter, but can also be easily pulled outside for summer entertaining. While outdoor bean bags can be used anywhere you need extra seating. The more uses you can get out of an investment, the better.

Primary colours

Yellow bean bag foot stool

Colour pops fall in and out of fashion. But most of us need a little bit of a cheer up right now. With doom and gloom around every corner, and the winter weather looking pretty bleak, we all need that little bit of brightness and cheer at home. And primary colours are about as bright and playful as you can get. The trick is not to take it too far. While you might not want a bright yellow three-piece suite, a footstool in the same colour can really lift a room.

Chill out zones

mammoth bean bag chair

Whether it’s a listening room, gaming room, reading space, or mindfulness area, more and more of us are creating miniature home sanctuaries to escape to when we just need to chill. It doesn’t have to be a full room, just somewhere you curl up in comfy seating, such as a mammoth bean bag chair, and do whatever makes you feel good for half an hour. Ideally, without the kids disturbing you!

Your home is your own. And the best way to style it is in the way that makes you happy. But if you’re looking for the interiors watchwords of this season, they have to be ‘comfort’ and ‘joy’. So, pile on those snuggly blankets, and relax in a space that makes you smile.

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