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How to Care for Your Outdoor Bean Bags

How to Care for Your Outdoor Bean Bags
Jun 25, 2023

Lounging in the garden on a warm summer’s day is one of life’s great pleasures. And providing support and comfort in equal measure, outdoor bean bags are one of the best garden seating solutions. But while they’re designed to withstand the elements, outdoor bean bags will always last longer if they are properly cared for. So, what can you do to get the most from your favourite outdoor bean bag chair?

Four Tips for Caring for Your Outdoor Bean Bags

2-in-1 outdoor bean bag sun lounger

Don’t leave them in full sun

While outdoor bean bags are designed to put up with everything the weather can throw at them, some fabrics can fade when left out in the sun for too long. Despite being treated with full UV protection before sale. And this can be particularly true of the darker colours. So, if you want to keep your outdoor bean bags looking their best for as long as possible, pull them into the shade when they’re not in use. Or if you have larger bean bag furniture, like an outdoor sofa, consider getting a cover.

Cover or move them inside over winter

Outdoor bean bags, like the SmartCanvas™ armchair, are made to be left outdoors. And they will do perfectly well if you do just that. But British winter weather can be really filthy. Whether you live in a city where the rain can be grimy, or you’re simply dealing with splashback from the patio, by the time you get to March, any bean bags left unprotected are going to look a little the worse for wear. And if we’re experiencing a prolonged period of rain, the wet will eventually seep in. The good news is that bean bags are so light weight and manoeuvrable that they are easily brought indoors. And if you have the space, they can provide really useful seating for any unexpected guests. Not to mention making great conservatory furniture.

Handle with care

Bean bag furniture is so light and malleable that it’s tempting to think that you can just chuck it around and it will maintain its shape. But that’s not always true. Although the beans move around to provide the best support for your body, bean bag chairs like the tall back kid’s seat, can lose their shape if mishandled. And if they are used as a divebombing target (we know it happens, we’ve all got kids!) there is risk that the repeated impact could eventually weaken the seams. So, although bean bag furniture is more forgiving than most, it’s still worth treating it well.

Give them a clean!

Outdoor bean bags, like the two-in-one folding sun lounger, are like any other piece of furniture in many respects. One of which is that they always look better when clean! Luckily, when you have fabrics like SmartCanvas™, cleaning is a doddle. You just need to get a bit of warm soapy water on a sponge, and most dirt and stains will wipe away.  

Outdoor bean bag furniture is a convenient and comfortable way to make the most of your garden. It’s great for taking on picnics or down to the beach. And can be a lovely way to add warmth and comfort to the garden in winter. But to get the best from it, a little TLC never goes amiss. And if you treat your outdoor bean bag with care, it will do the same to you for many years to come.

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