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How to Choose the Perfect Kid’s Bean Bag

How to Choose the Perfect Kid’s Bean Bag
Aug 08, 2022

Bean bags are pretty much irresistible for kids. Place a bean bag in any room, and you can almost guarantee a child will gravitate towards it. But not all bean bags are suitable for kids. And there are different bean bags for different functions. So, how do you choose the right bean bag for your little one?

Four Tips for Choosing the Best Bean Bag for Your Child

Select the right size for your child’s current needs

Big Bertha toddler bean bag armchair

When investing in anything for your kids, from clothes to furniture, it’s always tempting to buy the next size up, in the hope that it will last longer. The problem with bean bags is that if you don’t get the right size, it won’t be comfortable. It will be difficult to get on and off, so it won’t be used. And it’s really important to know that some bean bag designs aren’t suitable for children under 36 months. So, while a Cloudsac giant bean bag may be the perfect choice for your tween, a toddler armchair will always be better for littlies.

Think about how the bean bag will be used

Big Bertha SmartCanvas kids bean bag chair

Back in the day, bean bags were literally that. Bags full of polystyrene beans. But now, you have a whole host of designs to choose from. Buying for a young gamer? Choose a design with back support, like the children’s cocoon-style bean bag.

Big Bertha children's bean bag Albert sofa

Looking for the young socialite? Consider an Albert sofa. If you suit the furniture to your child’s requirements, it will get a lot more use.

Consider the user

Big Bertha faux rabbit fur bean bag for kids

All children are different. And while most of us like to generalise kids as walking dirt magnets, there are plenty out there who are as fastidious as a queen. So, order accordingly. SmartCanvas™ bean bags are designed to be easily cleaned. They are suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor. And if they get accidentally covered in fruit juice, then it’s not the end of the world. But equally, a more luxe fabric – a faux rabbit fur classic bean bag chair, for example – is harder to clean, but provides a more opulent experience, making it the perfect reading nook for your little prince or princess.

Choose a colour that works for you

Big Bertha patterned kids bean bag

Children’s bean bags are available in a whole rainbow of colours. But before you place your order, remember that you’re going to have to live with it! Patterned bean bag chairs can be great fun in a room that isn’t too ‘busy’. And if a bean bag is only going to live in your child’s room, then you probably don’t need to worry too much, as long as you select a shade that they love. But if you’re picking bean bag furniture that is likely to move around the house, be sure to choose a colour that you don’t hate. Otherwise, you may come to regret it!

Bean bags now come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colours. They are available for almost any age group – although they are not recommended for babies younger than twelve months. They can be a comfortable retreat, or a supportive workspace. So, look around before you buy your child a bean bag. And make a safe – and snuggly – choice for the little person in your life.

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