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How to Make the Most of Your Garden in Winter

How to Make the Most of Your Garden in Winter
Jan 12, 2023

Your garden can be an enormous asset. But for too many of us, gardens become a completely wasted space throughout the winter months. Which is a shame, because they can hold so much potential. So, what can you do to transform your outdoor space into your very own winter wonderland?

What to do to Get More from Your Winter Garden

Create a dry seating area


It’s no secret that in the UK it rains in winter. A lot. So, the first step towards maximising the potential of your space is to create a dry seating area. And by that, we don’t mean strategically placed umbrellas. But rather somewhere mud-free, where your seats won’t sink into the ground. If you don’t already have a paved area, it can be worth considering creating one. That way, you can enjoy the garden without destroying the lawn.

Look into lighting

Garden lights

From post lamps and wall lights to deck lights and fairy lights. Electric, battery, solar, and flame. Lighting brings a whole new dimension to your garden. And extends its use throughout the year. With carefully selected lighting, you can brighten up those winter nights and bring your garden to life.

Comfy seating

Big Bertha High Back Outdoor Bean Bag Chair Big Bertha Outdoor Sofa

The thing about spending time sitting outside in winter is that it is rarely comfortable. But that’s because most people have the wrong type of seating. Outdoor bean bag furniture can provide the ultimate solution. Whether you get a couple of high back chairs, or a three-seater sofa for a family snuggle, outdoor bean bags provide the ultimate in comfort and warmth.


Fire pit

OK, so we’re all trying to cut back on our energy consumption this winter. But patio heaters can be fairly economical to run – most coming in at around £0.40 per hour. If you opt for a fire pit, you may be able to fuel it using waste from your garden, while also adding a point of focus. Candles can work really well to warm the air. Or if you’re really seeking to economise, break out the blankets, chuck a couple of wheat bags in the microwave and give yourself something to cuddle.

Add in some interest


If your garden is just full of dormant shrubs and muddy lawn, you probably won’t feel too much like venturing out into it anyway. So, it’s important to garden for the winter months. Which is great for supporting pollinators too. Create some pots with winter-flowering plants – you’ll find narcissi, crocuses, pansies, wallflowers, and hellebores in your local garden centre now. Look at foliage plants. From the glorious cornus and its flame-red branches, to ever-greens like mahonia and winter honeysuckle (which also have an amazing scent). Use archways with winter clematis (and string lights). Or select plants that bring structure to your space.

The winter garden can be a wonderful place to entertain, relax, or spend time with your family. With the right preparation, the weather needn’t be a deterrent. And you can make the most of your garden space throughout the entire year.