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Pink Bean Bags Style Guide

Pink Bean Bags Style Guide
Apr 07, 2022

There’s no denying that bean bags offer the ultimate in seating comfort. But it’s easy to see why they sometimes have a bad reputation when it comes to style. They can be sloppy and slouchy, with some shapes having a tendency to splurge. Which can be an issue for those who like everything just so. But the thing to remember is that bean bags are like every other piece of furniture: if you want them to look good, you have to think about how to style them. So, this is our guide to styling pink bean bags.

Six Pink Bean Bag Styling Tips

Select your shape

When most of us think about bean bags, we remember the literal bags of polystyrene beans from our childhood. But bean bags now come in all shapes and sizes. You can get velvet rose pink bean bag high-backed chairs. You can get pompom pink bean bag sofas – with added foot stools, if you so desire. There are poufs and kids’ chairs and ‘mega loungers’, and much more besides. So, before you make a purchase, think about what you need your pink bean bag to do. And the space that needs to accommodate it.

Think about fabric

OK, so you know that you want a pink bean bag, but don’t just jump in and buy the first one you see. You need to think about fabric. Bean bags come in a variety of textures, from silk and leather to velvet and faux fur. And not all of these are going to be suited to every scenario. If you want your bean bag to look its best for years to come, match your fabric to its situation. If you have kids, then there’s every chance that you will benefit from a pink bean bag with a wipe-clean exterior, like this cerise number created from SmartCanvas™. While something a little more luxe, like the Mega Mammoth bean bag sofa in dusky pink faux rabbit fur might be on the cards for an adult-only home.   

Consider your colours

We know you want a pink bean bag, but what kind of pink floats your boat? Are you all about the bright and the bold, or do the softer shades do it for you? And how will your choice fit in with your existing décor? No matter where and how you want to use your bean bag, if the colour isn’t right, it’s never going to look good inside your home.

Work with the space you’ve got

Small pieces of furniture never look good in a big room. And while big, statement bean bags can look great in a small room, you need to be sure that you’ve still got space to move. So, treat your pink bean bag just like you would any other piece of furniture.


If you want to make your bean bag feel like a considered choice rather than an afterthought, accessorise it appropriately. Buying a pink bean bag sofa? Add in some scatter cushions and a throw. Buying a bean bag armchair? Pick up a footstool too. The more you integrate and accessorise your purchase, the more at home it will look.

Place it well

Lastly, think about where your bean bag will go. If cast adrift in the middle of a room as a ‘spare seat’, your beautiful pink bean bag chair will become nothing more than an expensive trip hazard. But if you take time to position it, may be with a side table, a lamp, a rug, or anything else that takes your fancy, it will soon become an appealing and stylish part of your home.

Pink bean bags are fabulous. They are gloriously comfortable and surprisingly versatile. But if you want them to work well, you need to take steps to make them look their best.

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