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Incorporating Colourful Pouffes in Your Outdoor Space

Incorporating Colourful Pouffes in Your Outdoor Space
Apr 16, 2024

A garden can be an incredible asset. It can bring as much value to a home as an extra room. For your health and mental wellbeing, it can be worth even more. But for a garden to achieve its full value, it has to be inviting and accessible. And for most people, that involves, among other things, having plenty of places to sit. Outdoor pouffes can provide an attractive and versatile solution.

How to Incorporate Outdoor Pouffes into Your Garden

Made from weather-resistant materials, out door pouffes, like the SoleiStorm™ Ultra 2000 h+, can be used in the garden all year round. Although, they may last longer if you can take them indoors when the weather gets really wet, they are durable and versatile, and can be used in your garden in various ways.

Firepit seating

Firstly, safety must be your number one priority where fire is concerned. So, seats should always be kept at a distance from any firepit. But if you have a firepit, then you also have to be able to comfortably enjoy it. And outdoor pouffes provide comfort at the same time as ensuring that you can easily move away from the flames if they get too high. It’s easy to adjust your position, if you get too hot or cold. The seats don’t take up too much space. And if you choose a complementary or contrasting colour, you can make a real feature of your firepit even when it’s not in use.

Add hoc seats and side tables

The beautiful thing about pouffes is their versatility. So, while you can just use them as appealing foot stools, when you want to sprawl in the sunshine, they have other uses. With a tray, pouffes like the large SmartCanvas foot stool, can be turned into an outdoor coffee table. And when you don’t have enough seats, they can take up the slack. Because they’re light and easily moved, they can be placed wherever you need them. All the while adding to the visual aesthetic by enabling you to contrast, balance, and supplement the colourway of your existing seating.

Secret nooks

In the typical garden, you’ll find seating near the house. But if you’re lucky enough to have a space that allows for hidden nooks and surprises, it can be nice to have a seat placed so you can enjoy the garden from another angle. But because outdoor pouffes are light weight and moveable, you can do this without ruining the grass. Moving your seating to wherever the light is best, you can gain the most shade, or where the planting is looking most dramatic. The trick here is to choose a colour that won’t clash with your planting. If you’re buying for a specific space, look for a vibrant colour that complements your planting – red, yellow, orange for a hot border, blue, purple, white, and possibly pink for a cold border. If you’re planning on moving your pouffe around with the seasons, a more neutral tone – grey, brown, tan, black, or white – is usually a safer bet.


Seating also impacts the aesthetic of your garden. With pouffes, you have the opportunity to bring colour throughout the year. You can, of course, stick to the more muted shades. But if you’re looking to make a statement, then you have cerise, red, lime green, and aqua to choose from. They can be used on their own, to brighten up your evergreens while providing snug and unexpected seating in a darker corner of your garden. Or they can be mixed amongst your patio chairs, adding vibrancy where it might otherwise be lacking. Choosing contrasting colours can really bring your garden to life.

Seating can add a great deal to a garden. Comfort, functionality, and visual appeal. And pouffes can play a significant role in perfecting all three. You just need to know how to use them. And to think hard before deciding on the perfect colourway.

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