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What to Look for in a Kid’s Bean Bag

What to Look for in a Kid’s Bean Bag
May 29, 2023

Bean bags have always been popular with children. Out of all the seating options, bean bags are arguably the most fun. You can slip and slide, tumble, and fidget. They are irresistibly tactile. And they take comfort to the next level. But choosing bean bag furniture for your children is a serious business. It doesn’t have to just look good. You have to consider safety, comfort, and durability – ideally with a size that will last a few years. So, what should you look for when buying a kid’s bean bag?

Five Consideration When Choosing a Children’s Bean Bag


Bubble bean bag chair kids

The size of your kid’s bean bag comes down to two things: How old is your child? And how many children do you want accommodate? So, you might want to consider a children’s bubble bean bag for a single toddler. Or a children’s giant sofa bean bag if you want to accommodate two or three children of various ages.


Children's tall bean bag

Being so soft and low to the ground, bean bags seem an unlikely safety hazard. And if you select the right design for your child, they’re perfectly safe. But it’s essential to remember a few important precautions when it comes to bean bag furniture and kids.

  1. Babies should never be left unsupervised on any kind of bean bag.
  2. Always buy an age-appropriate design. You’ll notice when you browse through our collection, our bean bags are labelled with the recommended user age. Don’t ignore this.
  3. Never buy a second-hand kid’s bean bag. While we’re all watching the pennies these days and trying to do our bit for the environment, there are some things you should never buy used. And bean bag furniture is one of them. Primarily because safety standards have changed, and older bean bags can often pose choking hazards. And some times fore hazards.


Children's gaming bean bag

There used to only be one type of bean bag filling – polystyrene beans. And they’re still very popular today, with seats like the children’s gaming bean bag chair one of our very best sellers. But then you also have designs like the CloudSac giant kid’s bean bag, which is filled with Memory Foam. They’re both incredibly comfortable. But they each have different advantages. So, do some research before you purchase.

External fabric

Children's faux fur bean bag

This is very much a matter of personal choice. Is your child drawn to or put off by certain textures? Are they particularly messy? Will the chair be used to eat and drink in? Where will the bean bag be kept? If they are into the soft and fluffy, a faux fur outer might appeal. Chord is soft but hard-wearing and can look amazing. Outdoor bean bags can be just as comfy indoors, but they’re water resistant and much easier to clean.


Toddler bean bag chair

It’s fairly obvious, but bean bag furniture comes in a whole range of sizes. From the teeny tiny toddler chairs to the Titanic, which could happily house a whole family! So, buying a design that will suit your available space can be integral. Otherwise, this appealing seating solution can quickly become an inconvenience.

Kid’s bean bags are really growing in popularity. They comfortably support growing bodies, sculpting around little backs and legs and necks to ensure that nothing is ever strained or sprained. They feel amazing to sit in. And they can look incredibly inviting – as well as being very much on trend. But as with any other kind of furniture, it pays to consider your options. That way, you can be sure that you’re buying the very best bean bag chairs for your children’s needs.

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