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Maintenance Tips for Large and Extra-Large Cushions

Maintenance Tips for Large and Extra-Large Cushions
May 23, 2024

Large and extra-large cushions can be an invaluable addition to any home. They make great additional seating when you have guests, they’re amazing for kids and teenagers, and they look fantastic too. The only problem is that it’s not always easy to know how to care for them.

So, how can you make sure that your large and extra-large cushions always look their best? These are our top tips.


Four Maintenance Tips for Large and Extra-Large Cushions

Keep them clean

One of the biggest problems people have with cushions, like hug pillows, or even extra-large scatter cushions, is that they don’t know how to clean them. And this can really detract from the pleasure they can bring, especially when you have kids or pets. But in most cases, it’s fairly easy.

Step one: Check if the cover is removeable – all Big Bertha covers are.

Step two: Look at the label to see if the cover is machine washable. Again, almost all Big Bertha covers can be machine washed.

Step three: Either hand wash your cover or place it in the washing machine on a delicate setting.

Step four: Oversized cushion inserts won’t fit in a washing machine. But, in most cases, you can kill odours and bacteria by leaving the cushions out in the sunshine. Make sure it’s not going to rain. And flip the cushion over after a couple of hours to ensure both sides are dealt with.


Keep them floofy

The whole point of cushions is that they provide padding. So, you need to fluff them back up from time to time. For smaller cushions, you may be able to give them a spin in a cold tumble dryer. This helps to break up clumps and redistribute the filling. For extra-large cushions, such as bolsters and support cushions, you’ll need to take a manual approach. So, give them a good shake, and pat them back into position.


Turn, turn, turn


If you always keep your cushions in the same position, their filling will eventually redistribute. And your cushions will lose their shape. By turning them and flipping them on a regular basis, you can avoid floppy corners and bulging bottoms!


Store them properly when not in use

One of the best things about floor cushions is that they’re there when you need them, but they can be easily stored when you don’t. But if you’re planning to store your cushions for a long time, you must make sure they’re clean first. So, follow the cleaning steps mentioned above. Then, find a cool, dry, and well-ventilated storage space – perhaps the base of a wardrobe. Stack your cushions vertically. And make sure that you don’t rest anything heavy on top of them.


Extra-large cushions can be statement pieces for your décor. You can use them to add colour, patterns, and shape, as well as additional comfort. But if you want them to last and to stay looking their best, you have to look after them. And that means a little bit of maintenance from time to time.

Fancy adding some large or extra-large cushions to your décor? Check out the full collection from Big Bertha.