Our Favourite Five Gifts for Mother’s Day– Big Bertha Original UK
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Our Favourite Five Gifts for Mother’s Day

Our Favourite Five Gifts for Mother’s Day
Feb 23, 2023

Mums. Our mums do everything for us. For most of us, they’re one of a very few constants throughout our lives. Comforting, caring, worrying. From the moment they realise that we’re there, a presence nestling in their uterus, we dominate their lives. Even as adults. And yet, we undervalue them, our mums. Most Brits don’t even think that Mother’s Day is a ‘proper’ special occasion. Well, we disagree!

Sunday 19th March 2023 is Mother’s Day. And we think it’s as good a time as any to say, ‘thank you, Mum!’

Five Mother’s Day Gifts That Say More Than a Bunch of Flowers

A bean bag footstool

Faux fur bean bag footstool

Now, hold your horses! When you think of Mother’s Day gifting, we’ll be the first to admit that a footstool isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s one of the reasons that it’s such a genius idea! Available in a range of shapes and sizes – from the small but extravagantly fluffy to the enormous CloudSac 250 Memory Foam Ottoman Pouf, which is more of an interiors feature – bean bag foot stools are versatile, easy to move, and oh-so comfortable. What better way to tell Mum to put her feet up for the day?

Throws and blankets

Weighted blanket

We might be moving away from winter, but you can never have enough throws and blankets. Snuggly Sherpa throws are ideal for early mornings and late nights. A cotton throw is ideal for upping your interiors ante and breathing new life into old furniture. While a knitted weighted blanket not only looks amazing, but can help to deliver the best night’s sleep.

Outdoor bean bag chair

Ourdoor beanbag sunlounger

March is the time that most of us get back out into our gardens. And if you have a little more cash to splash, an outdoor bean bag chair makes a fabulous gift for anyone. Depending on Mum’s style, you could go for a sun lounger, a sofa, or an armchair. They’re a great way to help up the enjoyment of any outdoor space.


Women's onesie

Sleep is something that few mums get enough of. So, when they do finally get chance to relax, ultra-comfy sleepwear is a must. Whether your mum’s a wonderful onesie type, or more at home in satin or cotton, a pair of PJs can be a lovely way to help your mum get the rest she deserves.

High back bean bag chair

High bak bean bag chair

Whether your mum works from home and needs somewhere comfy to think or work away from her desk, or has always dreamed of a reading nook, a high back bean bag chair could be the ideal solution. Moulding around the body to provide the perfect support, while still leaving your arms free to manoeuvre, high back bean bag chairs are comfy, cosy, and practical. They’re physically supportive to help improve the posture and avoid strains. And they’re easy to move around, so they also make awesome emergency seating!

Mums are amazing. Most of us don’t realise just how amazing they are until we have our own kids. So, while Mother’s Day might just feel like ‘another Hallmark occasion’. Maybe, just this once, it might be nice to give your mum a proper ‘thank you’.

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