Our Top Five Favourite Christmas Gifts for 2022– Big Bertha Original UK
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Our Top Five Favourite Christmas Gifts for 2022

Our Top Five Favourite Christmas Gifts for 2022
Dec 05, 2022

It’s that time of year again when everyone is writing lists. So, not wanting to be left out, we’ve put together a list of our top five Christmas gifts to make your loved ones smile this festive season. And this year, we’re all about the cosy!

Five Cosy Christmas Gifts from Big Bertha

Hoodie blankets

Big Bertha hoodie blanket

It doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for. Young, old, male, or female. If you’re looking for a gift that will put a massive smile on someone’s face, it has to be a hoodie blanket. With everyone focussing on fuel bills at the moment, there has never been a better time to buy warming winter wonders. Ultra thick, ultra long, and ultra snuggly, hoodie blankets have to be the go-to for anyone looking to give the gift of warmth.

High back bean bag chair

Big Bertha high back bean bag chair

An chair might not make an obvious Christmas gift idea. But if you know someone who likes to sprawl and struggles to get comfortable, then a high back bean bag chair could be the perfect solution. Available in a range of colours and fabrics, high back bean bag chairs mould themselves around the body to provide the optimum support. Whether you’re kicking back and relaxing, working on your laptop, reading a book, or gaming. Light weight and versatile, they can be moved to wherever you need them most. And they look absolutely fantastic.

Weighted blankets

Big Bertha weighted blanket

Do you know someone who simply can’t switch off? For whom sleep is always a long time coming? Or who worries the night away? A weighted blanket might help.  The gentle pressure provided by a weighted blanket has been shown to materially improve sleep. Putting the ‘autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode, [and] reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate or breathing.’ What better gift is there to give than the gift of a good night’s sleep?

Children’s bean bag armchair

Big Bertha children's bean bag armchair

What we often forget as adults is that kids need a chance to chill out, too. Whether it’s for a quiet reading nook, a bedroom chill-out zone, or a personal space in the sitting room – just right for those Christmas movies – a bean bag armchair can make a fun and thoughtful gift. And again, because they’re light and easily moved around, they provide a flexible and cosy seating option for your child to enjoy wherever they want to take it.


Big Bertha onesie

You’re never too old for a onesie! If ever there was a day for taking it easy, it is Boxing Day. The excitement is over. The presents unwrapped. You’ve got enough leftovers for everyone, so no one needs to cook. And unless you absolutely must brave the sales or the weather for a walk, as long as you’re not working, there’s no need to go anywhere. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Onesie Day! And what better way to prepare than to gift onesies for the whole family?

At Big Bertha Original, we’re all about bean bag furniture. But if you take the time to look around the store, you’ll see that we’re also about so much more. So, why not tick off that family gift list all in one easy place, with the cosies, cuddliest, snuggliest gifts around?

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