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Small Space Solutions with Floor Cushions

Small Space Solutions with Floor Cushions
Jun 11, 2024

How often are lifestyle and interiors articles targeted at people with infeasibly large homes? The UK’s homes have been getting smaller every decade since the 1950s. So, the reality is that most people looking for interiors ideas don’t have a huge amount of space. And this can mean that features like bean bags and floor cushions can seem like a totally impractical option. But that needn’t be the case. Big, comfy floor cushions can be used in any home. You just have to think creatively.


How to Use Floor Cushions in Smaller Spaces

Use cushions where a chair won’t fit

One of the best things about floor cushions is that they are both comfortable and malleable. And this means that they can fit into places where other forms of seating won’t go. Whether because you have narrow stairs to traverse to access the room. Or because the room itself is small. By using two floor cushions placed at right angles against a wall, you create a luxury gaming chair. For littlies, a single floor cushion will do the job. And you can use this in a whole range of places and for a whole range of purposes. Gaming chair, window seat, reading nook, chillout zone. Whatever suits your purpose. And don’t forget, outdoor floor cushions are available to make your summer garden more inviting.


Think multifunctional

With the cost-of-living crisis taking hold over the past few years, many of us focus on the multifunctional when investing in new items for our homes. And the same can be applied to filling smaller spaces. So, rather than investing in a floor cushion for a single purpose, think of all the various ways you can use it. Sure, go ahead and make that reading nook. But there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing those cushions for family games nights, movies with friends, or anything else you need them for. You just have to remember to put them back afterwards.


Store your cushions until you need them 

OK, so you’re probably thinking that if you have the space to store floor cushions, you wouldn’t be reading this. But although, in the ideal world, we’d all have vast understairs storage closets with boxes to store cushions. In reality, cushions don’t need that much space. Depending on your lay-out, floor cushions can be stored beneath your sofa, armchairs, or beds. Or between the back or side of your sofa and the wall. That way, they’re easily accessible when you need them. But not taking up valuable space when you don’t.


Pile ‘em high

If you don’t have room underneath your sofa or armchairs, another way to store your floor cushions is to pile them up and use them as a taller seat. If you have kids, this may not work, as the cushions will become a jumping tower. But the chances are, if you have kids, your floor cushions will be permanently in use anyway!


Typically measuring 50cm square, floor cushions can seem intimidatingly large. And when you’ve got a small space, it can be difficult to visualise how that could possibly work in your home. But because they’re malleable, floor cushions are simple to store away. And they have so many different uses, you may not ever need to.

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