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The Great Scatter Cushion Debate

The Great Scatter Cushion Debate
Dec 18, 2023

There is always someone in every household who repeatedly asks this question: Why do we need so many scatter cushions?!

They usually say it with irritation in their voice and a pained expression on their face. Poor, long-suffering dear that they are.

But scatter cushions are a strangely divisive topic. You either love them and want more. Or, you have no soul. So, we thought we’d get to the bottom of this age-old debate with a frank, open, and totally unbiased look at why everyone needs these cushions in their life.


The Pros and Cons


Scatter cushions are comfy


Scatter cushions were invented for comfort. To provide more support. And that’s the main reason that we really love them still. Right now, we’re favouring rectangular cushions for comfort. They sit nicely in the small of the back, supporting you, without pushing you forward. But if you go big with the bolsters, you can also find yourself a tremendous cuddle cushion.


They look nice 


If you want to make any kind of seat look more inviting, add a scatter cushion. They add depth, they add colour. And if you choose well, they add character and fluffiness. Which makes any sofa, chair, or bean bag look good!


You always have extra seating 


If you select extra large cushions, they not only look good and allow you to create visual impact through layering with smaller cushions. You can also throw them on the floor as comfy seats whenever you have too many unexpected guests. And that’s even without your kids lying on them for movie nights, or the family spreading out on the floor for board games.


They’re a great way to bring colour to a space


The thing with these cushions is that you can bring a mighty splash of colour to a room, without having to commit to it. Because, when you change your mind, you can simply change the cover. So, go for blue, pink, gold, brown, or rainbow. Then, if the style starts to feel old, find another cover that you love.


They create a focal point 


vintage velvet bolster can add a little elegance. A knot fleece bouclé cushion brings interest, tactility, and style. A simple leaf-print square cushion brings colour and shape… And they all distract the eye from things you may not want drawing attention to, like that wine stain on the seat, or the general mayhem of existence.


They give the curmudgeonly people in your life something to moan about  


Everyone likes to have something to moan about. So, if you think about it, every time you buy a new scatter cushion, you’re giving carte blanche to your resident grumbler. It’s an act of charity, really. Kindness. You’re doing it for them!



There aren’t any. Go find something else to complain about!


There we have it, then. The definitive and totally, totally unbiased answer to the great scatter cushion debate. We think you’ll agree that it was one worth having. 

So, now that’s out of the way, can we tempt you to some super-soft and invitingly sumptuous new throw cushions? Click right this way.