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Tips for Working Neutral Bean Bags into Your Décor

Tips for Working Neutral Bean Bags into Your Décor
Jul 01, 2022

If you’re looking to create a calming environment, neutral tones can work wonders in your home. Rather than being dull or boring, if used well, they are ripe for contrasting and blending. Creating a multi-toned space that lets your eyes and mind rest. From the softest cream to deep chocolatey brown, neutral tones form a natural aesthetic. So, how can you work neutrally toned bean bag furniture into your décor?

Five Tips for Working Neutral Bean Bags into Your Décor

Use a variety of shades

high back bean bag chair

Neutral tones are meant to be easy on the eye. But while adopting a single colourway is an easy way to ensure consistency throughout your interiors, it can look a little bland. So, spruce up a cream carpet with a muted brown high-back bean bag chair and a contrasting distressed leather footstool to bring depth and interest without breaking through your aesthetic.

Work with textures

Cord sofa

The use of textures is another way to bring depth and interest to a neutrally decorated room. A faux fur bean bag chair could bring a touch of opulence to a room. While adding a pleasing accent to a cosy cord sofa

Accent with wood

 dusky pink bubble bean bag chair

With natural and neutral going hand in hand, wooden furnishings can play a useful part in bringing out the best in your interiors. So, enhance your dusky pink bubble bean bag chair with a light wood side table or distressed wooden bookcase.

Don’t be afraid to bring in darker shades

beanbag cuddle cushion

Where there is light there is also shade. So, give your room a point of focus, with low lights. Whether it’s a black-framed mirror or a dark-toned cuddle cushion to up the comfort ante, that darker shade will bring your neutrals to life.

Think about shapes

bean bag Scandi lounger

Selecting interesting silhouettes is integral when you’re working with a pared-back set of colours. And bean bag furniture has a lot to offer in this area. Of course, you have your prototypical bean bag. But why stop there when you also have Scandi loungers, mega loungers, huge hugging sofas, and delightful double day beds? Sure, you’ll probably want some traditional furnishings thrown in too. But don’t immediately select the ordinary when the extraordinary awaits.

Neutral colours never really go out of fashion because they can work almost anywhere. They are versatile and appealing. And they don’t so much please the eye as help it to relax. But neutral isn’t always effortless. So, if you want your neutral bean bag furniture to look its very best, think about how and where you’re going to use it.

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