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Using Bean Bag Furniture to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

Using Bean Bag Furniture to Create the Perfect Reading Nook
Oct 11, 2023

Reading can be one of life’s great pleasures. Whether it’s curling up on your own for a little bit of R&R or settling the kids with a bedtime story. But if you can’t get comfortable or are beset by distractions, it’s nowhere near as enjoyable. Having a dedicated reading nook can and help make it easier for you to enjoy your favourite pastime and aid relaxation. And you don’t need a huge amount of space to make one.

How to Create a Comfy Reading Nook

What is a reading nook?

A reading nook is simply a dedicated place in your home intended for reading. If you happen to have the space, it can be a whole room. But for most of us, it will be a quiet corner – ideally near your bookshelves – where you have enough light to read by and can relax without too many disturbances.


How can you make a reading nook?

Find a suitable spot

bean bag readin nook

Reading nooks don’t have to be big – the word ‘nook’ kind of gives that away. But they should be peaceful, with space for you to sit comfortably. A disused corner of your bedroom or sitting room can work well. But don’t discount other spaces, such as the landing, hallway, or conservatory. Reading nooks are almost as much about maximising space as they are about peace and comfort.

Think about lighting

Bean bag reading nook

If you can find somewhere in your home that natural light pours in, but where it doesn’t get too hot or glary, it might be a candidate for a reading nook. But you also need to ensure that you have room to place a reading lamp, even if it’s a small one that clips on to your bookcase. Because if there’s not enough light, you’re not going to be able to read. You may even give yourself eye strain.

Select the right seating

bean bag reading nook

In films and magazines, reading nooks are often depicted as window seats. But that’s not practical or comfortable for many people. If you really love to read, you’ll likely be engrossed for periods of time, and a hard seat, albeit with a cushion, is never going to fit the bill. And if you’re trying to calm the kids before bed, you don’t want seating that will encourage fidgeting. Whereas a lounger bean bag or a couple of XL pillow bean bags provide extreme comfort and relaxation. Whether you’re sitting on your own or snuggling together, they mould around your body, supporting your posture to avoid aches and strains, and help you to make the most of the moment.

Include somewhere to keep your books

bean bag reading nook

While a bookcase is the traditional option for a reading nook, it might not be convenient. For children, open-fronted book boxes or stands can be a better option, allowing them to see the covers of the books their want to read. For adults, if you don’t have room for a bookcase, you might choose a small side table, where you can keep your current book (or e-reader) and the next few on your list.

Make the space cosy

bean bag reading nook

You’ll only use a reading nook for its intended purpose if it appeals to you. So, take some time to make it look nice. Add the accessories that are right for you – a blanket, cushions, somewhere to rest a drink. And choose your colours wisely.

A reading nook can be an amazing addition to any home, helping to provide you and you family with somewhere to escape to when you need a little time out. Comfy and calming, providing food for the soul, every home could benefit from a cosy reading nook.


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