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What is a Gaming Bean Bag?

What is a Gaming Bean Bag?
Mar 23, 2023

If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably already know the importance of having a comfy seat. The difference it can make to your posture. And to your comfort – not only while playing, but when you get up afterwards. With the wrong seat, you can find yourself beset by aches and pains, strained muscles, and cramps. Having the right gaming chair can make a world of difference. But having the right having the right bean bag gaming chair can be transformative!

What Do You Need to Know About Gaming Bean Bag Chairs?

What is a gaming bean bag?

As the name suggests, a gaming bean bag is a bean bag chair specifically designed for gamers. Thanks to the high back and mouldable form, gaming bean bags ensure that the whole body has the support it needs to prevent strains. And they are designed without arms, so you can enjoy total freedom of movement.

Why are gaming bean bags better than other gaming chairs?

Bean bag lounger

The beauty of bean bag furniture is that it moves with your body. Because the filling is mobile, it shifts with you, moulding around your body to provide total support. Meaning that while you’re engrossed by whatever is happening on screen, you’re not accidentally putting undue strain on your back, shoulders, or neck. And this is the major difference between standard gaming chairs and gaming bean bags, like those created by Lounge Pug. Because while gaming chairs are devised for comfort, they often overlook hip, mid-back, and shoulder support. And if you’re a regular gamer, this can make a real difference to your comfort and your posture.

What are the different types of gaming bean bag chair?

Gaming bean bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each has its own benefits. So, the style really depends on personal preference.

High back bean bag gaming chair

High back bean bag chair

The high back bean bag gaming chair is one of our favourites because it provides a huge amount of support. It looks good. If you’re someone who likes to recline when gaming, you can add a coordinating foot stool. And the design makes it good for other uses – reading, using a laptop, or just as additional guest seating. You can also get larger lounging bean bags in the same style, for when you want that little bit more room to spread out.

Teardrop bean bag chair

Teardrop lounger

Teardrop bean bags are like a more compact version of the high back. They look great and take up less space – perfect for popping in a corner when not in use. They’re also supremely moveable, so you’re not just limited to using them in one room.

Gaming lounger

Gaming lounger

The gaming lounger pretty much does what it says on the tin. It is not as shaped as the high back, but it still provides the right support. It’s good for reclining on. And if you select an outdoor design, it’s waterproof, making it the ideal choice for those of you who like to eat and drink while gaming.

Ultra lux gaming bean bag

Ultra lux gaming bean bag chair

Very similar to the high back bean bag, the ultra lux gaming bean bag chair has been designed with miniature arm supports. This allows you to comfortably rest your arms while playing without restricting your movement. While the high back provides support and enables you to recline if you wish to.

Bean bag gaming chairs are growing in popularity for a range of reasons. The physical support and comfort they provide is the primary benefit for most people. But they’re also versatile, low-cost, durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. Ticking a whole range of boxes for a whole range of people.

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