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What’s the Best Fabric for Bean Bag Furniture?

What’s the Best Fabric for Bean Bag Furniture?
Aug 08, 2022

Once upon a time, buying a bean bag was easy. They came in more or less a single shape. They were made out of cotton outers with polystyrene ball inners. And the only thing you really had to think about was the colour of the exterior, and which would work best with your décor.

But the humble bean bag is no more. It has evolved. Growing in sophistication, style, and function. And while that is a very good thing for your home and your comfort, it does mean that there is more decision-making involved. So, when you’re beanbag shopping, which fabrics should you be looking out for?

Which Fabrics are Best for Beanbags?

Like all other forms of furniture, your fabric choice is a lot to do with personal preference. And you can find bean bags fashioned from all kinds of different materials. But some work better than others.

Cord bean bags

Cord bean bag

Corduroy is currently one of the most popular choices for bean bag furniture. Primarily because it is soft and comfortable at the same time as being hardwearing. But what many people don’t realise is that it is also surprisingly easy to clean. So, when you’re buying a cord bean bag like our best-selling highback, you’re making an investment that will last for years.

Leather bean bags

Leather bean bag sofa

Think of a bean bag and the mind doesn’t automatically turn to leather. But distressed leather bean bag furniture is almost a meeting point between the beanbag and the traditional chair. The leather Albert sofa, for example, has the full form of a standard sofa. The leather helps it to maintain its shape and its seriousness. But the polystyrene filling gives it far superior comfort. Enabling the sofa to mould to your body and fully support you. While also making the sofa incredibly light and easy to move. And, being leather – with a PU finish – it is wipe-clean. Making this one of the most practical pieces of furniture around.

SmartCanvas™ bean bags

SmartCanvas floating bean bag

SmartCanvas™ bean bags have one major selling point above all other fabrics: they are weather resistant. Take the outdoor waterproof floating bean bag as a case in point. In the winter, it makes the perfect conservatory filler, providing extra seating for unexpected guests. In the summer, it not only adorns your patio like a boss, impervious to the Great British weather. It can actually go in the pool with you, if you have one. What better way to enjoy the summer?

Faux fur bean bags

Fau fur beanbag

When you buy a faux fur bean bag, in most instances, you’re not too worried about practicalities. You’re thinking more about the sensuous snuggles you’re going to enjoy on those long winter nights. And, really, who can blame you? But while a faux fur classic sofa bean bag may seem like a major indulgence, they are refillable, fire-retardant, and eminently functional. Making them a great choice for a bedroom, snug, or child-free living room.

Velvet bean bags

Velvet beanbag

Velvet is another great choice for bean bags intended for snuggling. But while the feel is pure indulgence, the aesthetic can be more formal. Creating pieces like the Mega Lounger, that were made for relaxation while delivering an appearance of decorum. And because velvet simply never goes out of fashion, you’ve got a piece of furniture that will be with you for years.

From soft pompom fabrics to chunky knits, bean bag furniture comes with a wealth of material choices. In most cases, your choice will come down to where and how you’re intending to use your furniture, and your decorative colourway. But whichever style you choose, just make sure that you select a company that works with fire-safe fabrics. That way, your bean bags will keep you as safe as they make you comfortable.

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