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Why Bean Bag Furniture Makes Sense for Small Gardens

Why Bean Bag Furniture Makes Sense for Small Gardens
Aug 28, 2023

Have you ever noticed how whenever garden furniture is mentioned, there’s the assumption that you’re shopping for a larger space? If you want to relax outside in summer, you must have a paved area and a lawn at the very least! But what if you have more of a diminutive space? A snug courtyard or patio? Maybe even a balcony. Are you doomed to forever perch on an old kitchen stool if you want to enjoy your morning coffee in the autumn sun? Outdoor bean bag furniture might actually provide the answer.   

Five Reasons Why Bean Bag Furniture Works So Well in Small Gardens

It’s comfortable

SmartCanvas armchair

OK, so we may have slightly over-egged the pudding with the kitchen stool suggestion. But if you have limited space, you also tend to have limited choice when it comes to garden seating styles. And while the default option of a cute little bistro table and chair set can look nice, it’s not always the most comfortable option. Bean bags, like the SmartCanvas™ armchair are at the other end of the comfort spectrum. Rather than perching on the edge, you sink into them and gain instant support, so you actually begin to look forward to sitting in them, rather than accepting them as the only option.

Outdoor bean bag furniture is easy to move

Outdoor gaming lounger

One of the reasons many people just don’t bother with furniture in small gardens is because it can take up so much space. And moving it isn’t easy. Because bean bags are considerably lighter than other choices, they are much easier to move than other furniture styles. So, if you have a lounger, you can simply pick it up and take it indoors when you need extra space outside. Or if you choose a sofa, you don’t need a team of removalists to pick it up and press it back against the wall of the house to get it out of the way.

You can use it on any surface type

High back gaming chair

Textured patios and paving can look really appealing to the eye. But it’s a lot less enjoyable when you’re trying to relax on a wobbly chair. And if you don’t have a patio space, but rather a small square of grass, and chairs you choose will simply chew up the lawn. Bean bags, like the high back gaming chair, can be positioned anywhere. They won’t wobble on even the craziest of paving. And as long as you don’t leave it in one place permanently, it won’t kill your grass.

Bean bag furniture is versatile

2-in-1 garden lounger

Almost all bean bags allow for a multitude of sitting positions. Whether you like to sit neatly or sprawl. But when you have seats like the 2-in-1 garden lounger, you have true versatility. You can sit, you can sunbath, the kids can share the space.

It’s appealing

Cerise outdoor bean bag

When you don’t have much space, everything you choose has to work. Chairs can’t just be comfortable. They have to look good too. And with bean bag furniture, you can choose your style. Whether you’re looking for a pop of vibrant cerise, or prefer a subtler aesthetic. So, you get more for your garden than just somewhere to sit.

Choosing garden furniture isn’t easy when you have a small space. Few retailers cater for you, and you usually have to compromise. With outdoor bean bag chairs, that needn’t be the case. You can gain style, comfort, and versatility in one. And we think that they’re the perfect solution.

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