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Why Bean Bag Furniture Might Be the Perfect Choice for Winter

Why Bean Bag Furniture Might Be the Perfect Choice for Winter
Oct 29, 2023

There are many reasons to choose bean bag furniture. The comfort, the look, the convenience, the cost. But as we head towards another winter, there’s another reason why you might wish to consider investing in a bean bag chair or sofa: warmth. With energy bills still painfully high, anything that can help to keep the cold at bay without the need to whack up the heating, has to be a significant plus. And bean bag furniture can help in a number of ways.

Three Reasons Why Bean Bag Furniture Could Be the Perfect Choice for Winter

Bean bags are integrally insulated

Bean bags now come with a variety of fillings. The most popular are polystyrene balls and memory foam. And both of these materials can provide insulation. So, because bean bags, like the Mini Mammoth, mould around your body when you sit on them, almost embracing you, that insulation acts as additional protection for you, providing another layer of air and insulation to guard against the cold. Meaning that you can stay far warmer than when you’re sitting on the average armchair.

The covers can be really cosy

Bean bags come in a variety of finishes, from soft cord and leather to faux fur, teddy fabric, and plush velvet, so you can shop to suit your needs. And having a really cosy, comfy finish to your bean bag can not only make it more comfortable to relax in, but can make it warmer. When you have materials, such as faux fur, the air can become trapped between each strand of fabric, giving you a warmer seating experience – as well as a softer one!

Bean bags naturally retain heat

The thing about any stuffing that is comprised of many tiny mobile parts with room for plemty of miniscule air bubbles is that it traps heat. So, when you sit in a bean bag, like the Mega Mammoth, it will not only absorb your body heat, but retain it. And this helps to keep your seat – and you – feel warm. Even when the weather isn’t. 

More Reasons to Consider Bean Bag Furniture

Of course, while warmth is really important in winter, it’s not the only reason to invest in new furniture. There are other considerations to take into account. And bean bags have a lot to offer.

- They're good for the posture and help to prevent aches and strains by moulding to your body.

- They're versatile, with each bean bag offering an array of seating options. With the bean bag sofa hammock, for example, you can lie on it, sit on it, use it as a single-seater or a twin, position it as a sofa, or use it as a body sling, it can be a personal cocoon or a chill-out zone for up to four kids. And you can change its purpose and position whenever you need to.

- They’re flexible. Because bean bag furniture is so light, you can easily move it to wherever you need it to be.

- And for all of the above reasons, bean bag furniture is super-comfy.

Bean bag furniture is growing in popularity because it offers a unique combination of comfort and style. The fact that it can help to keep you warm on cold winter days is just one of very many advantages. But as we head towards the coldest season, it certainly makes an appealing feature.

Which bean bag chair would you choose to make your winter warmer? View the full Big Bertha collection.