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Why You Should Choose a Memory Foam Bean Bag

Why You Should Choose a Memory Foam Bean Bag
Sep 26, 2022

Say the words ‘bean bag’, and one of the first things you’ll think about is little polystyrene balls. Almost impossibly mobile, its these little particles that make bean bags so comfy. Helping them to mould around your body, supporting you where you need it most. And making the bean bag so conveniently light and moveable in the process. Without them, the bean bag couldn’t be what it is today… Or could it?

While those polystyrene balls are still working their magic, there is a new bean bag filler on the block. And it’s making its own very positive mark. Welcome to the world of memory foam bean bags.

What Do You Need to Know About Memory Foam Bean Bags?

How does memory foam work in a bean bag?

CloudSac memory foam bean bag arm chair

Memory foam is most commonly found in its semi-solid form, tightly wrapped to hold its shape. It may mould to your body when you find it in pillows and mattresses, but it’s a slow process. Far removed from the instant floomping comfort of the traditional bean bag. But that’s where memory foam crumb comes in. Although larger than polystyrene balls, when used en mass in something like the CloudSac bean bag arm chair, memory foam crumb replicates the malleable support of the traditional bean bag.

Memory foam vs polystyrene beans

XL CloudSac memory foam bean bag

There are many benefits that memory foam bean bags, like the XL CloudSac, have in common with more traditionally filled designs. They’re both versatile, light weight, easily moveable, and immensely comfortable. But there’s one area in which memory foam bean bags have the edge. If they’re accidentally damaged (or opened by curious little fingers) their contents are easier to contain. Polystyrene balls have a tendency to escape everywhere at the least opportunity. Memory foam crumb likes to stick together!

Where would you use a memory foam bean bag?

Ottoman style memory foam bean bag

Short answer: almost anywhere! Sitting room, snug, bedroom, or playroom. Memory foam bean bag furniture is as versatile as it is comfortable. Whether you get a giant bean bag or a more simple ottoman design, as long as you have the space, you can work them into almost any room.

Can kids use memory foam bean bags?

CloudSac kid's memory foam bean bag

When you’re buying a bean bag of any kind, it’s important that you make sure that it is age appropriate. Most will not be suitable for children under 12 months of age for safety reasons. Many will only be suitable for children aged three and up. The CloudSac for kids memory foam bean bag is designed for children aged between two and 12 years old. And it makes a great addition to any playroom or kid’s bedroom. Providing the ideal sensory seat to chill out, calm down, and unwind.

Wherever you use them and whatever style you choose, memory foam bean bags make an excellent addition to any home. Providing versatile comfort and style.

So, are you ready to choose your memory foam bean bag? Check out the full range from Big Bertha Original.