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Why Choose Bean Bag Chairs for Your Garden

Why Choose Bean Bag Chairs for Your Garden
Apr 27, 2023

Spring is finally doing its thing. So, while we might still be dealing with gale force winds and downpours every ten minutes or so, they’re interspersed with sunshine. Which can mean only one thing: summer is not far away. And with summer comes garden days. But whether you’re a weeder or an outdoor reader, you can never truly get the best from your garden if you don’t have comfortable seating. Here’s why we think every garden needs at least one bean bag chair.

Five Reasons to Select Bean Bag Chairs for Your Garden

They’re super comfy

Big Bertha outdoor lounger bean bag chair

Garden chairs typically have two major flaws. They’re not comfortable for serious sitting. And your sun-blocked or sweaty skin can stick to them. With seats like the outdoor lounger, you have the ultimate comfort from a design that completely supports your body, whatever position you sit in. While the tactile, wipe-clean fabric sits comfortably against your skin.

They’re really easy to move

Outdoor high back bean bag chair

You know that feeling when all you want to do is sprawl in the sun? But then you go outside and your seating area is entirely in shade. You could, of course, move one of your garden chairs. But most garden chairs are incredibly heavy, to the point that you need a team of six men and pack horse to move them a couple of metres! With outdoor bean bag chairs, you don’t have that problem. They are light weight and really easy to move. In fact, most kids could move them unaided. So, whether it’s a little scoot in or out of the shade, or a complete relocation to catch up with the neighbours, an outdoor high back bean bag chair can go wherever you need it to.

They look good

Bean bag sun lounger

Sun lounger, armchair, or sofa, outdoor bean bag chairs are irresistibly inviting. They look as comfy as they feel. And are available in a range of colours from muted grey to vibrant pink, you can use them to bring a real sense of style to your garden. Allowing you to create a comfortable, structured, and appealing space for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.

They don’t mess up the lawn

Big Bertha XXL braced bean bag chair outdoor

Whether you select plastic, heavy metal, or wooden chairs, if your seats have got legs, they can only be used on paved surfaces. Unless you want to destroy your lawn. Not so a bean bag chair. When you select a seat like the XXL braced bean bag, you have no pointy bits to bite into the turf. And because your weight is evenly distributed, as long as you don’t leave the bean bag in place for weeks on end, the grass will simply spring back up when you move it.

They’re great value for money

Outdoor bean bag sofa

If you search online for a standard garden sofa, you’ll typically pay in the region of £300-£800. For an outdoor bean bag sofa, you can spend as little as £155, going to around £300, depending on your preferred size and configuration. That’s a lot of furniture for your money. Meaning that you can totally revamp your garden seating area for a fraction of the cost.  

Outdoor bean bag chairs are incredibly popular right now. They are cost-effective, flexible, and enormously comfortable. All while making a real style statement. So, if you’re thinking about giving your garden a make-over as we move towards summer, don’t forget to factor in some stunning bean bag seating.

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