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Why Cuddle Cushions are the Latest Trend

Why Cuddle Cushions are the Latest Trend
Feb 05, 2024

Once upon a time, not so long ago, cushions were something you sat on. They made hard seats more comfortable and provided support for the small of your back. But then something tremendous happened. Some bright spark came up with the idea of giant, floofy cushions that you could hug, and the cuddle cushion was born. So, what’s the deal? What is a cuddle cushion? And why are they so popular?

Getting to Grips with the Cuddle Cushion Trend

What is a cuddle cushion?

As the name suggests, a cuddle cushion is a cushion that has been designed to be hugged. They’re usually made from a soft fabric, like faux fur or velvet. They’re frequently oversized, so they can wrap around you , like a hug. And they are typically filled with a highly malleable material – such as polystyrene beans or memory foam, to offer the maximum versatility and comfort.

Why are cuddle cushions suddenly so popular?

Cuddle cushions are popular because they are hugely comfortable and comforting, and they have a range of specific uses.

Pain relief

The beauty of cuddle cushions is that they come in a range of shapes and sizes. So, you can find the right type to suit your specific needs. When it comes to pain relief, cuddle cushions can be used to support the correct physical alignment. You can use them to support your back while sitting, or as a body pillow to support your legs and hips while lying down. You can wrap your arm around the pillow to take the pressure off your shoulder when sleeping on your side. Or place it along your body, with the end between your knees to prevent pressure sores. The long cuddle cushions are particularly popular during pregnancy, where they can be used to relieve the weight of your bump while you’re lying on your side.

Stress relief

Hugging makes us feel good and automatically relieves stress. But we don’t all have someone to hug 24/7. However, a cuddle cushion, can emulate the sensation of being hugged. Triggering the release of the feel-good hormones, dopamine and serotonin, which work to counter the stress hormone cortisol. In essence, a cuddle cushion is a way to help you feel good when things are feeling a bit too much.


And the primary reason for investing in a cuddle cushion has to be comfort. Whether you’re looking for additional support when you’re reading in bed, or something to snuggle up to when watching the television, a cuddle cushion is soft, snuggly, and warm. But it doesn’t need to be let out for a wee, it won’t complain if you change positions, and it won’t get up to make a cup of tea just as you’re beginning to doze!

Do I need a cuddle cushion?

Well, only you can answer that question! But if you feel like you need a little bit of extra comfort in your home, then a bean bag cuddle cushion could provide the answer.


Versatile, comfy, and oh-so-snuggly, cuddle cushions are the latest home décor trend for a very good reason!

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