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Why Every Gamer Needs a Bean Bag Chair

Why Every Gamer Needs a Bean Bag Chair
Sep 05, 2022

Whether gaming is a lifestyle choice or a matter of idle recreation, it inevitably involves long periods of sitting. And if you choose the wrong chair, it can be terrible for your posture and result in myriad aches and pains. And that’s where a bean bag gaming chair could make a world of difference.

Four Reasons Every Gamer Needs a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are massively supportive

Big Bertha gaming lounger

There are all kinds of reasons to buy a bean bag chair for all kinds of uses. But one of the most important is because they properly support your body. Because the beans inside a bean bag chair, like the gaming lounger, are mobile, they move around and mould to your body. So, whatever position you find yourself in – leaning forward engrossed in a game, or chilling after an intense gaming session – your body has all the support it needs. Preventing cricked necks, sore backs, and pulled muscles.

Bean bag chairs are epically comfortable

Big Bertha highback bean bag chair

If you’re sitting for any period, you need to be comfortable. And because of the support previously mentioned, bean bag chairs provide incomparable comfort. You can sit in virtually any position. With a highback bean bag chair and footrest, you have just about every base covered. Making this seat not just the perfect choice for gaming, but for watching TV, hanging with friends, working, or studying.

Bean bag chairs are versatile

Big Bertha lounger bean bag chair

While in an ideal world, we’d all have enough room in our homes to swing multiple cats, for most of us space is at a premium. Having a dedicated gaming chair is a great idea. But it’s not always practical. With a lounger bean bag, you have this enormously comfortable and supportive gaming chair. But you also have a chair that can be moved about the house and used for other things too. Most bean bags are so lightweight that a child could move them unaided. So, when you have guests, you also have seats to accommodate them. 

Bean bags are cool

Big Bertha Original XXL bean bag

Bean bag chairs were invented more than 50 years ago. And they have never gone out of fashion. So, whether you opt for a sculpted seat or just a giant bean bag cushion that you can shape to your needs, you can be sure that it will stay on trend. And because most bean bag outers are easily maintained, you know that it will look good for years to come.

Bean bag chairs are the ultimate go-to for versatile comfort. And for gamers, they provide the integral support for long hours playing your favourite game. Ergonomically speaking, bean bag chairs are hard to beat. Aesthetically, they look amazing. And every gamer should have one.

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