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Designing a Kid-Friendly Space with Large and Extra-Large Cushions

Designing a Kid-Friendly Space with Large and Extra-Large Cushions
Feb 19, 2024

Kid-friendly rooms require a couple of key elements. The primary consideration is that they must be safe. But they should also be comfortable and inviting. And moving the furnishings down to children’s level can be a great place to start. Which is why floor cushions and oversized cushions make such a useful addition.

How to Use Large and Extra-Large Cushions to Make a Child-Friendly Space

Make floor cushion seats

For older kids and teens, floor cushions can provide a flexible place to chill out. Easy to move, and available in a whole range of colours – from pure white to cerise and back to black – and fabrics, floor cushions can be used to accessorise every room. Placed in an L-shape they provide comfortable support. Spread across the ground, they’re great for reading, or just chilling with friends. And for younger kids, they’re a comfy place to play or watch TV. Children’s bean bags can work well too.


Use cushions for colour

 If you don’t have kids of your own, but you’re wanting to make your home more appealing for visiting children, then cushions can also be used to up the aesthetic. By choosing brightly coloured or character cushions you can quickly add colour and comfort to a room. This can help children to feel more at home. And has the added benefit that you can easily put the cushions away after each visit if they’re not totally to your taste!


Keep extra cushions handy

Extra-large scatter cushions are multi-functional when you have kids. So, get as many as you have room for. They can be pulled out for extra seating for movie nights and board games. Used as impromptu day beds. Turned into forts. Or made into crash pads.


Other things you can do to make a room more welcoming to kids

Use rugs

For the first ten years or so, the floor is pretty much a child’s domain. It’s where they sit, crawl, sprawl, and play. So, that makes having rugs a must. A good rug always makes a floor space more inviting for kids, as well as more visually appealing to adults. They provide a focal point, and additional comfort, especially in rooms without carpet.


Avoid sharp corners

Sharp corners are rarely a good idea in interior design. While they may look good, they simply cry out for ankles, calves, hips, and elbows to bump on. And when you add children into the mix, it quickly becomes recipe a for disaster. So, opt for furniture with rounded edges – it’s safer for everyone.


Think accessibility

If you have things specifically for children, make sure you place them so that they can get them. So, put younger kid’s books on the bottom shelves of bookcases. Have a toy storage area in a place that will always be easily accessible (and easily tidied). And where that’s not possible, invest in a step stool, so children can still help themselves. For older children, level up.

To design a space that kids are happy to use, you have to think a little like a child yourself. What will they see when they enter the room? What will be at their level? How did you feel comfy when you were at their age? And if you’re at all in doubt, just invest in a few more cushions!

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