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Using Floor Cushions for a Casual and Chic Gathering

Using Floor Cushions for a Casual and Chic Gathering
Mar 11, 2024

When you think of floor cushions, the mind usually turns to children. Unlike kids, who sprawl almost anywhere, grown-ups don’t usually sit on the floor. We opt for sofas and chairs, bean bags, and stools. Even a pouffe, if nothing else is available. But the floor, not so much. So, why, you may ask, are we encouraging you to use floor cushions for your next grown-up get together?


Why You Should Consider Using Floor Cushions for Entertaining


Incredible versatility

One of the reasons we love this type of cushion, like the Lounge Pug, is because they can be so versatile. For us, they make the perfect reading nook seating. Cosy and comfy, they can be propped wherever you like, be that in a permanent position in a favourite spot, or following the sun around the room. But they can also be pulled out whenever or wherever you need them.


Sometimes you just want to relax

Too often, having friends round can be kind of stressful. It feels like a good idea at the time of invitation, but then you have to worry about practicalities. And then all the anticipated enjoyment just… dissipates. While dinners can be great for special occasions, more relaxed events are usually more fun. And floor cushions were made for relaxation. Your guests aren’t restricted to rigid seating arrangements. They can move their cushions with the conversation. If you want to watch a film, you don’t have to worry about everyone squeezing on the couch. You all have your personal space and a good degree of comfort.


There’s no better choice for games

Board games have seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years, and they can be a great option when you have friends round. But while you can gather around the dinner table to play, it’s not always a comfortable experience. And there’s always someone who can’t quite reach. When you have floor cushions, you can place them where you need to, around a coffee table or playing directly on the floor. Without anyone complaining about sore knees and numb bums!



Floor cushions are hugely comfy

And of course, when you have guests, you want them to be comfy. And this cushion does that incredibly well! With a range of fabrics available, from the fluffiest faux fur to velvet and leather, you can create a comfort level that no chair can deliver.


You can even use them in the garden

In fact, the garden is one of our very favourite places to use this type of cushion for entertaining. With SmartCanvas outdoor floor cushions, you can create a truly relaxed and enjoyable garden party, summer or winter. Light and easy to move and store, they give you the flexibility to entertain your way, whether for a summer barbecue, a bonfire night party, a children’s birthday party, or winter star gazing.


How to use these cushions at home

For some people, these cushions are something they stow away, breaking out only when extra seating is needed. For others, they become a functional, everyday part of the furniture. Used instead of armchairs, placed together as daybeds, or providing a snug in the most appealing, yet out of the way places.


How you use your floor cushions is down to you. Just try not to underrate them. Because until you try them, you won’t know what you’re missing.

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