Back to the Fuchsia: How Pink and Red are Back for 2023– Big Bertha Original UK
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Back to the Fuchsia: How Pink and Red are Back for 2023

Back to the Fuchsia: How Pink and Red are Back for 2023
Jan 25, 2023

Vivid Magenta 18-1750. It’s the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023. The perfect blending of pink and red, it is pulling both colours very much back into focus for this year’s interiors. While Vivid Magenta is ‘brave and fearless’, pinks across the spectrum are becoming empowering. No longer merely fluffy and feminine, pink is punchy, impactful, and powerful. While red simply roars, celebrating its strength and vitality.

So, how can you bring that magenta energy into your home this season?

Five Way to Use Red and Pink in Your Home Décor

High back bean bag chair

Rose high back bean bag chair

If you need additional seating, there are so many arguments for getting a high back bean bag chair. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they can be easily moved. They provide the ultimate support, allowing your spine, joints, and muscles to fully relax without strain or stress. And the contemporary design looks amazing. When you add in the beautiful velvet rose fabric, you have seating perfection.

Bean bag foot stools

Pink bean bag foot stool

Whether you go for the small or the large, a bean bag foot stool is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will find. While its primary purpose is obviously to help you put your feet up at the end of the day, it can also double as great emergency seating for unexpected visitors – adult or child. They also make a fab makeshift coffee table if you have a handy tray to put on top! And as for the colour, what better way to bring a splash of pink into a room without a total overhaul?

Bean bag sun lounger

Red bean bag sun lounger

Whether you’re making the most of your winter garden, or planning for the spring and summer, finding the right seating is one of the most important steps. And bean bag furniture, like the two in one garden bean bag sun lounger, is the perfect choice. Again, it can be easily removed. But with its special weather-proof fabric, it can provide unparalleled comfort without any worries about it getting wet. And in this gorgeous red, it brings the garden to life all year round.

Sherpa throw

Pink throw

We may have most of winter behind us, but high summer is really the only time when throws become redundant in the UK! And a Sherpa throw can be hugely versatile. Whether its for the bedroom, living room, or as a play blanket for the kids. Soft, snuggly, and oh-so pink, this is a blanket that will bring a pop of pink power wherever it goes. This also makes a beautiful Valetine’s gift.

Kids bean bag chair

Pink kids bean bag

Pink is the perfect playroom colour. For boys as well as girls. It is bright and inviting. And can be soothing in the right context. And a snuggly chord bean bag chair can be a wonderful relaxation aid for children of any age. The only important thing is to choose an age-appropriate bean bag to keep safety first.

Pink and red are the perfect décor choices for 2023. Just like bean bags, they are completely on trend. So, if you’re wanting to give your home a timely makeover, you know what colours and what furnishings to choose!

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