Hello Sunshine: Our Five Favourite Yellow Bean Bag Designs– Big Bertha Original UK
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Hello Sunshine: Our Five Favourite Yellow Bean Bag Designs

Hello Sunshine: Our Five Favourite Yellow Bean Bag Designs
May 29, 2022

Yellow is known as being a difficult colour. It is gorgeous and vibrant and happy. But wearing it, or fitting it into your décor can be tricky. Even so, we still think that yellow bean bags are the bee’s knees. And if properly styled, they can look fantastic.

These are our five favourite bean bags to bring a little sunshine into your life.

Five Amazing Yellow Bean Bags to Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

SmartCanvas™ Outdoor Large Floor Cushion

SmartCanvas yellow outdoor floor cushion

It’s a sunny day! The children are playing the in the garden, and they want something comfy to eat their lunch on, build a den around, or simply chill. SmartCanvas™ outdoor floor cushions are the ideal solution. They’re lightweight and easy to move, even for little people. They’re stain-resistant and incredibly easy to clean. And they’re really, really comfy. As for that yellow, well, it’s the perfect way to bring a splash of sunshine into your garden, even on the dullest of days.

The Mammoth bean bag sofa

Mammoth bean bag sofa in gold

This velvet gold behemoth provides a more muted and grown-up approach to yellow. The glorious gold colourway is as opulent as the velvet finish. While the Mammoth bean bag sofa was designed for pure relaxation. If you’re looking for style and substance, with a little bit of luxury thrown in, this is the yellow bean bag for you!

SmartCanvas™ XXL Giant Bean Bag

SmartCanvas XXL Giant Yellow Bean Bag

So, you’ve got the kids catered for with the floor cushions, how about a little outside comfort for you too? SmartCanvas™ XXL giant bean bags provide versatility, style, and relaxation. Whether you’re sitting up and reading, or sprawly sunbathing, the bean-filled inner will mould around your body to provide optimum support. While the colour can’t help but make you feel cheerful.

Highback Bean Bag Chair

Gold Highback Bean Bag Chair

Sure, bean bags were made for lounging. But sometimes, you want a little support. Whether for a snug or an office, our highback bean bag chair brings comfort, while still keeping you in a pretty much upright position. And that lovely velvet gold brings a subtle colour pop to a room. Ideal for an office, where things can easily get a little staid and tired. But without bringing so much zing as to keep drawing the eye.

Outdoor Scatter Cushion

Big Bertha outdoor scatter cushions

The thing about yellow is that it works best in moderation. So, rather than going for the full shebang, why not create a yellow accent? While grey is de rigueur in garden furnishings this year, outdoor scatter cushions in yellow can lift the whole aesthetic, preventing your furniture from blending too much into the surroundings, without overpowering the scene.

Yellow is, without question, the ultimate colour of summer. It’s bright and uplifting, and pleasing to the eye. And while it might have a reputation for being difficult to work with, if you choose wisely, it can easily brighten up your home.

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