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Incorporating Cuddle Cushions into Your Yoga Workouts

Incorporating Cuddle Cushions into Your Yoga Workouts
May 09, 2024

Cuddle cushions have been a significant trend for a while now. They’re comfy, attractive, and deeply comforting. But did you know that you can also use cuddle cushions to support your yoga workout? 

How to Use Your Cuddle Cushion for Yoga 

When would you use a cuddle cushion in yoga?

From straps to blocks, there are a whole range of props that can be useful during yoga. Especially for new starters. But rather than going out and buying a dedicated yoga block or cushion, you can use the cushions you have at home. Large scatter cushions can be used to help you feel more comfortable when adopting seated poses. While cuddle cushions can be used to provide additional back support.


Why would you use a cuddle cushion for yoga?

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Yoga is different for every practitioner. We all have personal experience of the poses. So, cushions can help in a variety of ways.


Back Pain Relief

If you find that your back is feeling strained during seated positions, you can use cuddle cushions to help align your spine, or to reduce pressure. Pillows and scatter cushions or bolsters can be placed under your knees to help reduce back strain while you’re lying flat or sitting with straight legs. Cushions and pillows can also help to deepen stretches and support relaxation during yoga.


Additional Support

And if you don’t have a yoga block, you can place a cushion at your feet to support standing and bending positions. Few people have the flexibility to immediately be able to bend to floor level from standing. By using a cuddle cushion, you have a range of heights to aim for. Allowing you to slowly extend your reach – and your back – over time as your experience and flexibility improve.


Advanced Poses

For more advanced yoga practitioners, cushions can still be beneficial. If you are seeking to build your skills to take on the likes of Crane pose or even a headstand, a cushion can provide a first step up as you help to develop your balance and weightbearing.


Does everyone need to use props in yoga practice?

The thing about yoga is that you should only ever do what feels comfortable for you. You have to be guided by what your body is feeling and telling you it needs. Not everyone will need yoga props. But if you find that you’re feeling strained or uncomfortable. Or pain is deterring you from practicing yoga. You might find that using a cuddle cushion to support your body helps. But because you can use it for other things too, it’s not a wasted expense if it’s not beneficial in yoga. It also means that you can avoid adding unnecessary clutter to your home because you will use the cushion anyway.


Yoga can be one of the most beneficial exercises. It helps with fitness, flexibility, stress, energy, and sleep. And anyone can do it. But it’s only beneficial if you can do it without hurting yourself. And that’s where cuddle cushions can help.


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