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The Science of Comfort: How to Choose Cushions for Ultimate Relaxation

The Science of Comfort: How to Choose Cushions for Ultimate Relaxation
Apr 25, 2024

We expect a lot from our cushions. They’ve got to look good, feel nice, plump properly, deliver support, retain their shape, and withstand some pretty hard use. They’re sat on, slept on, chucked around, and even, on occasion, used as weapons! So, what should you be looking for when shopping for the perfect cushion? How do you know when you’ve found the ultimate relaxation accessory?

What to Consider When Choosing Cushions for Comfort

Cushion filling

Filling is probably one of the most important considerations when you’re choosing cushions for relaxation and comfort. And there are several options available.

Down is the traditional choice. But unless it is contained within a thick lining, it can poke through the weave of a cushion. And, unfortunately, both options can impact comfort. Down is also off-putting for vegans and vegetarians.

Polyester pads are the most common cushion filler. Primarily because they are cost-effective and versatile. You can find a range of different densities, allowing you to choose between thick and poofy and thin and floppy, depending on your needs.

Memory foam is a less common choice of cushion filling, but it is available. And if you’re looking for a cushion that will always hold its shape, it’s a good choice. Especially if you’re trying to make an office chair more comfortable for someone with back or hip problems.

Polystyrene beans might be unusual for cushions you’re going to use on a chair or sofa, but they make a great choice for floor cushions and pouffes. Providing a light weight and malleable filling, polystyrene beans can make an incredibly comfy and relaxing cushion.


Cushion fabric

Next on the agenda is the fabric of your cushion cover. And this one is really down to what you like. When you think of relaxation, you may automatically think of something soft and snuggly. Perhaps faux fur or velvet. But you also need to consider when you’re going to use your cushion. Faux fur may be great in winter, but not so comfy when the weather is warmer. While you can change your cushion covers with the season, more breathable fabrics, such as pompom, can be more flexible.


 Cushion shape

 Most people like to choose a range of cushion shapes for their furniture. But if you’re shopping for a particular purpose, that should dictate the shape of your cushion. If you’re looking for back support, rectangular cushions can be a better option. If you need to sit further forward on a chair or sofa, an extra-large square cushion or a cuddly back support cushion makes more sense. Bolsters can be good for leaning on. Rounded shapes can be great if you like a cushion to hug. While the hug pillow is the King of cuddle cushion comfort!


Cushion size

Again, this depends on how you intend to use your cushion. If you’re looking for something to sprawl on, for leisurely reading or to doze in the sun, then a large floor cushion is the only sensible option! But if you want something to rest your head on while watching TV, you’ll need a smaller size – but not too small, because you don’t want your head rocking or the edges to dig into your cheek.

Cushion choice can be a very personal matter. Anyone can mix and match to make cushions a part of their decorative aesthetic. But when you’re shopping for comfort, cushion buying takes more thought. Choose wisely, however, and you’ll be relaxing like a boss in no time!

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