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Why Bean Bag Chairs Are Good for Kids

Why Bean Bag Chairs Are Good for Kids
May 15, 2023

Bean bag chairs have been steadily growing in popularity. They have a range of advantages, and they look good too. But while more and more of us are turning to bean bags for the garden or to replace the sofa, what many people don’t realise is how good bean bag furniture can be for kids.

More than just a fun novelty or somewhere comfy to slouch, bean bag chairs can carry all kinds of benefits for children. Which is why more schools, nurseries, and youth clubs are adopting them.

Five Reasons Why Bean Bag Chairs Are Good for Children

Bean bags support proper posture

Kids bean bag armchair

Bean bags were once dismissed as novelty furniture because they allowed the sitter to sprawl. There was no way to look dignified when lounging on a traditional bean bag. But when you select a seat like a children’s armchair bean bag, you not only have structure, but proper support. Bean bag chairs are comfortable primarily because the beans within move around. They sculpt themselves around your body. Ensuring that even when you’re in the most preposterous position, your limbs, neck, and back experience no strain. When you’re slouching, you don’t experience the muscle fatigue or tension that can impact your pain levels or your posture.

Bean bags can improve concentration

Kids gaming lounger bean bag

Now, this might seem like a bit of a stretch. But a child who is uncomfortable is far less likely to be able to concentrate. So, while it might seem like a good idea to sit your child at a desk to do their homework, if they are not comfortable they’re going to fidget, and faff, and make excuses. And that goes doubly so for children who might have a condition such as dyspraxia or sensory issues. With a kid’s gaming bean bag, you are providing a seat with the ultimate comfort. But the design also delivers freedom of movement. So, whether they have to type up an assignment or simply want to curl up with a book, they don’t need to worry about what their body is doing.  

Bean bags are fun

Kids tall bean bag chair

For younger children, fun is incredibly important. We learn through play. And with a seat like the children’s tall bean bag, you not only have a comfortable seat to chill out. But you’ve got a hobby horse, a boat, a dragon, or a desert island. You’ve got a chair that can change and adapt with your child. It can lie flat for supervised naps. It can fit into play tents. Or it can be used as a seat for movie nights. It can, in essence, be whatever your child wants it to be.

Bean bags are portable

Kids bean bag pod

A lot of kids become really attached to their favourite things. That’s why having furniture that is easily moved, like the bean bag pod, is so useful. Even adult-sized bean bags are really light weight and portable. So, if you’re going on holiday, taking the kids to spend the weekend at granny’s house, or simply want to stop a sulk by moving the favourite story time seat to a different location, a bean bag chair can make life a whole lot easier.

It's easy to clean a bean bag

Lounge Pug bean bag

With the best will in the world, kids are messy. So, furniture that is easy to clean is an absolute must. While the fire-retardant coating means that it’s not really a good idea to put bean bag covers in the washing machine, bean bags, like those created by Lounge Pug, are stain resistant. Or, for extra protection, you can select an outdoor bean bag, which will also be waterproof.

Everyone knows that bean bags are comfy. If there is a bean bag in the room, it simply calls out to be sat on. With children’s bean bags though, you’re buying more than just a seat. You’re buying a sensory space. A place that encourages both play and contemplation. A chair that provides the ultimate physical support. And a seat that can be claimed and owned. All of which can be really important for a child.

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